another day

wt: 173.6 i don’t know food is too good i use up all my willpower squatting i don’t know

sqt: 45×4 (the jackman set), 135,225,275,315×3, 355×2, 385,400,410x1; 340×2,2,3, 345×2,3, 350×2, 355×1

btn: 45×8, 115×4

fp: 185×3, 255×2, 285,295,300,305,310×1; 255,260,265×3

dl: 135,205,255,275,285×3

vc: 3 i was pretty tired

hc: 1 you can’t do these in deadlift slippers ha

really you can’t do anything in deadlift slippers except deadlift and pretend to be a ninja

time: 1:48


16 thoughts on “another day

          • Glad you got them, though, I figured deadlifting in the Powerlifts was stupid unless you were doing clean grip deadlifts or wanted to Olympic lift, sumo feels like absolutely impossible in my Olympic lifting shoes, I bet I couldn’t do over like 275 sumo in my Olympic lifting shoes.

          • You can deadlift in Oly shoes unless you’re going for a max single. It doesn’t make that much of a difference.

            Especially if you have… WEI RUIS… the best Oly lifting shoes in existence.

            Why can’t you do HCs in DL slippers?

          • Ok right now I guess what I do is clean deadlift and I did use slippers for one day but I think the ol shoes are better for this than slippers. For heavy round back max pl deadlift I think id still benefit from the thinner flat sole of slippers or wrestling shoes. Think most agree despite sunny deadlift.
            This is for conv you simply cannot sumo in slippers. I can’t sumo very well in ol shoes but haven’t done it enough to say whether it’s really bad or if someone could be like sunny and not have an issue

          • Mostly I just like the support and solidity oly shoes offer/feel like they offer. And going barefoot hurts my feet after heavy dead lifts.
            Oly shoes in the sumo makes it hard to get my shins where i want them to be. haha

  1. Have you tried drinking water when you are hungry? I was like ill cook some salmon na fuck it i dont feel like chewing so ill just drink water.

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