Burner to the melon

…my version of temple run.

Wt: 173.4

I’m going back on the “two meals and a shake” diet.  At the rate I’m going I’ll weigh 181 and squat 470 the same as last year.

Squat: 45×5, 135,225,295×3, 345×2, 380,395,405,415,425×1; 340×3, 345×2, 350×1

switched to “flowblade” for videos.  openshot has this bug that cuts off the last second of every clip.  So you make a movie, and it cuts a second off each squat.  This bug was reported in 2012.  apparently nobody in the last 3 years gives a fuck that their program is completely unusable.  i demand a refund.

BTN: 45×8, 115×3

although jaysun will be disappointed i really do these just to warm up for floor press

FP: 180,235×3, 265×2, 285,295,305×1; 245,250×3

videos when i do 315+

DL 0.5″ deficit: 135,205,275,280×3

um videos when i do 455+

Time: 1:35


7 thoughts on “Burner to the melon

  1. Coach my best BTN press was 50kg x 2. I should probably see if I can get it for a triple now. I have a theory BTN is good for your military press to work on your positioning with the bar behind you in all cool Olympic lifter style. And it’s a good active stretch for the shoulders assuming you’re sane about weights you’re using.

    • i don’t think btn is good for your military press unless for example you can mil press 135 and you get up to a 150 btn you’d be able to do at least 150. or maybe if you did both. i don’t know i could be wrong. way to take all three sides of the argument, coach. all i know is that ignoring mil press for a year makes it feel very weird and awful and my wrists start to complain with like 95 lbs, so i quit.

      • Muscle snatch seems good for military press, namely that my muscle snatch and military press numbers always are about identical. Also gives good delt pump.

  2. I’ll probably squat 470 but weigh 20# more, so there’s that for you…

    Just ordered a bar, collars, and bench. Guy in Brooklyn says he will deliver a mat and weights right to my door. Getting setup this weekend, finally. Now I just need to figure out deadlifting in the apartment.

    • just say fuck it and bang weights at 2 AM. or wait, are you living in a rent controlled apartment? you don’t want to lose that. i hear it’s real hard to get evicted in NYC is that true?

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