black swan BLACK SWAN

idk the other post brought some discussion and I don’t have a good title for this one

yesterday was 81 here, today is 29 and raining/icing, school is cancelled.  this is why this state is so illiterate.

Rex is making greeting cards for family birthdays (this is one of his chores).  Typical card takes 3 tries to get approved: “Draw something on the inside.”  “Write all of our names” “Use more colors”  “Too much white space – draw something else, i don’t care, a balloon or a bird who gives a shit just do it now or you can’t have any lunch.”

Standards have risen over the last 5 years. In the beginning a scribble was sufficient, and I’d do the writing.  Now about 30% I destroy due to gross incompetence: “You spelled ‘Uncle Frank’ wrong”  “I told you not to make another goddam minecraft card” “wtf did you fold this the long way?  do you think i have 11 inch long envelopes?” rip rip rip sob sob sob.

Quincy is learning to read.  She’s at that fake psychic stage where she just memorizes what things say and/or fakes it based on the picture.

Wt: 172.2

Squat: 45×6, 135,225,275,315×3, 350×2, 370,380,390,395×1; 305,310,315,320,325,330×3

BTN: 45×8, 105×3

FP: 155,205×3, 245×2, 265,275,285×1; 230,235×3

Deadlift (1.5″): 135,205,255,260×3

VC: 5

sorry jaysun no HC today

everything feels better.  elbow still hurts a little when i whap it on the ground during floor press its fine.  oh now i think i pulled an ab muscle squatting.  i predict that i will try to stretch it out by hanging from the chinup bar and strain a serratus/intercostal next like i did last year.  you heard it here first

time: 1:42


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