floating pain

Weight: 173.2

for some reason i’ve been really hungry lately

Squat: 45×6, 135,225,295,320×3, 340,360×2, 370,380,385,390x1; 295,300,305,310,315×3

onto pins this time

Floor Press: 45btnx8, 95btnx4, 135,175×3, 215×2, 235,255,265,275×1; 220,225×3

it’s funny how my knee hurt for a few months then when i started this nonsense back up with vigor, it stopped and my shoulder started hurting.  Now my elbow hurts.  i did some tricep band pulldowns in addition to my usual band pulling/chest expanding rigamarole

Deadlift off 0.5″ deficit: 135,205,245,250×3

VC (vertical chinups i like this abbreviation so we’ll stick with it): 3,3,3,2

HC (figure it out): 5,5,5

time: 1:40


23 thoughts on “floating pain

  1. I don’t think we’re allowed to be 100% healthy. I had knee pain for over a year, then my shoulder hurt for over a year, and now I have elbow pain. Once I heal one thing up, another part starts hurting, even if it has never bothered me before.

    I seem to be slowly getting my elbows better, so I’m waiting to see what hurts next. Of course, most of my other friends have constant aches and pains at this age, and older, so I figure I’m no worse off and I can squat 450, so good for me I guess?

      • thanks mane, i’m trying to do more broz-like warmups and get some volume on the way up too. i’m steadily increasing those back-off sets until they are 80%+ too. by that time i’ll be ready to kill myself working hard

        • I meant hsilman’s squat, but nice increase on your squat too.

          Elbow hurts – look for trigger points in the lower triceps and massage them out. Will save you a lot of anguish later on IMO.

          • Yes I should have congratulated him as I remember when he was trying to squat 200 kg. I have my work cut out for me to resurpass. Good ol’ hsilman.

          • Thank you, and thanks for the tip Fatty, I have a lax ball and peanut(two duck taped together), but it hurts like hell to hit my tricepticons with them. I really should suck it up, because using the peanut on my mid back got a knot/trigger point out that had been building up for months.

            This RTS template has been awesome. I hit huge squat and bench PRs(425-440, 225 TnG -> 235 paused) after 8 weeks and having food poisoning. I could have got 450 as 440 wasn’t all out max, but I didn’t feel like leaving diarrhea on the platform.(tmi?)

            Only downside is my elbows being beaten up all the time and my deadlift failed to go up, but the guy helping me with programming has a plan for next time. He thinks I got stronger, I just didn’t let enough fatigue dissipate to really show it, combined with the illness and lack of sleep.

            Also, I weigh like 30# more than you.

    • i should have mentioned that when i typed that, nothing hurt. thinking about lifting makes me hurt so that’s a good sign of psychological pain / being a baby / body does not want to do this any more, rather than actual injury (knocks on wood)

    • thanks. i’m trying to make the things proteins. I just single handedly ate a piece of pork the size of my torso. wife made it in the crockpot. it cost like $13 and took me about 8 days of 2-3 meals a day. “picnic roast shoulder butt boston roast” or something like that. Do you have porks in Sweden?

      • pork shoulder in the crockpot is baller. How does your wife make it, any idea? I’m always looking for more recipes.

        • i’m pretty sure she opened the wrapper and put it in and turned the crockpot on and went to sleep watching tv and I discovered it when i came home. but i’ll ask her if she has any tips. she usually makes pulled pork but i kept tearing hunks out of it (and scraping off the fat yuck), she did eventually pull what was left but i finished that before she could make the vinegar/bbq sauce that she does.

          • atticus fatticus: no once you put the crock in the fridge and take it out that nice juice turns into what looks like a pork half frozen in an icy lake. you don’t want to eat that ice, and you don’t want to eat the fat that looks like jelly. The fat that’s intermingled with the porks that you can eat. sometimes when i buy a pork my wife makes “cracklin” which is better than bacon and fresh pork rinds COMBINED

      • just ate pulled pork that I made earlier today. 2 kg of yummy dead pigs. not that it compares to the real southern deal, of course.

        13 dollars sounds like a great deal. are you buying from a local farmer?

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