I’m in the hood on every corner like Spanish food


Wt: 171.6

Squat: 45×6, 135,225,305×3, 335×2, 360,370,380,390,400x1; 275,280×3

got a video but my $15 mp3 player somehow corrupted my file system; i’ll post it later once i fucking reload linux; shut up fatman, hsilman and others, “told you so, just use windows, hue” you know what i’m going to go back farther in time than celica and his old lubuntu… farther than Jaysun and his 80386 with compuserve dialup…i’m going to stop using computers and just type up my workout logs on a typewriter and mail y’all a newsletter every month. send me money for stamps thx

things to make myself feel a little better (not to promote linux over anything or spar with fats/hsil)

  1. i can reload my OS in 15 minutes
  2. I kept a careful log of how to configure my system so i just go step by step to have everything exactly the same way
  3. I am going to put the ssd internally instead of via USB (justifying this by assuming it will have some unknown astrological benefit on the computer’s performance since i’ll now need to plug the old internal HD into a usb port)
  4. since i don’t want to plug the big stupid ex-internal 3.5″ drive into the wall I will have to buy a new 1 TB HD to take its place
  5. maybe i should just buy a whole new computer
  6. maybe i should build it myself since i want linux on it anyway

bench, btn, and push press – a few sets with the bar, shoulder was kind of sore, giving it a day

deadlift off 0.5″ deficit: 135, 185, 225×3

i’m not calling this “speed” because that makes me pull sloppily and jerk the bar. instead i just try to do it as fast as i can smoothly

Horizontal Pullups: 5

bent rows always seem like a good idea on paper until then it’s time to do them and you remember that they tire out your back.  they’re a great exercise if you work out like 3x a week

(vertical) Pullups: 3,3

wow my back is pretty weak imagine that from not training it for a year.  obviously i could have done more no sense killing myself first time.  i wonder if not for the occasional 1-2 rep chinning myself on things at the jj gym, playgrounds, and random high objects just because bored i might not have been able to do any.

Time: 1:19


Started a new notebook today and just realized that I’d been writing down either the wrong date or day of the week for at least a month.  Not sure which, but something is funny.

Wt: 173.6 it’s all muscle tissue in my upper back it’s okay

Sqt: 45×6, 135,225,315×3, 335,355×2, 375,385,395,405x1; 280,285×3

couldn’t find the camera but you can trust me

Bench: 45(btn press)x10, 95×8, 140×4, 185,225×3, 265,285×2, 305,315,320×1; (closegrip ->) 265,270×3, 275,280×2, 285×1, 290×2

shoulder feels better it’s something to do with being loose and sloppy at the bottom (like your mom. hue) and not touching low enough, lifting off funny, i’m getting the best of it i think, knocks on wood

Deadlift off 1″ deficit: 135,185,225,230×3

H Pullups: 5,5

V Pullups: 3,3,3

i did the last set underhand grip but i don’t like those anymore

Time: 1:52


3 thoughts on “I’m in the hood on every corner like Spanish food

  1. One time when I was in the hood, on the corner, I found an old Power Macintosh someone was throwing out. I think it’s power supply was bad. I never fixed it and threw it out again later.

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