it’s kinda like racing – i always want a head start

wt: 172.6

squat: 45×5, 135×3, 225×3, 295×3, 320×2, 340×2, 360×1, 370×1, 380×1, 390×1; 265,270×3

those of you who like looking at my glutes will enjoy the camera angle

openshot is driving me nuts with cutting the video for some reason it wants to cut off the end.  i have to leave like 5 seconds extra and just hope the whole squat is still there when i click “export”

bench: 45×10 (btn press), 95×6,145×3, 195×3, 245×3, 295×2, 305×1, 315×1, 320×1; 265,270×3, 275×3+1 (ran out of time but wanted to do another rep so got up and walked in a small circle then laid back down and did it)

time: 1:17

still with the linux mint but about a month ago switched to mate which is a hell of a lot better than cinnamon never crashes, and the menus and shit are easier to configure.  not sure why it takes 45 seconds to reboot from ssd drive but at least i don’t hardly ever have to

today they thought it would snow and so cancelled school.  it started snowing after my son would have come home on the bus already.  i did take him to MMA practice and we were the only ones who showed (usually there’s about 10 kids).  So it was me and the two coaches and Rex.  We did get 3 inches or so which is supposedly the most since 2008.  The roads are sorta bad because the county doesn’t own any plows or salt, but I’ve driven in much worse.  Of course school is already cancelled tomorrow.

this place is a prison.


3 thoughts on “it’s kinda like racing – i always want a head start

  1. Hell of a workout man. You moved some weight around. Great depth on the squat. Didn’t see any buttwink. Thought about you when I was benching today (no homo). Almost quit on my last set at 190# when my arm with the plate in it hurt. Even racked it and got up,but then asked myself “what would coach would say?”
    Came home and in between drying sheets and pillows looked up some orthopedic journals. Most said I could “resume normal sports activities.”
    Won’t comment too much about the snow, I think I live further south than you and we had an “ice storm” last winter and we were shut down for four days.

  2. Ha, not like that. I gotta get inspired somehow or I’ll puss out. Its not like my plates gonna rip out or anything. The med journals I’ve read said to expect some discomfort. Probably going to ortho to get an opinion. We have a sports institute nearby and they’ve worked some wonders on some notable athletes, hell they may be able to help a regular guy.

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