fun in the snow

lifting like a loser in my garage while my kids, wife, and inlaws played in the most snow the area has had since 2008 – 4 inches.

secretly though i feel like i had enough snow in my life

wt: 173.0 they bring over food when they come to play

squat: 45×6, 135×3, 225×3, 315×2, 315×2 (should have been 335), 355×1, 365×1, 375×1, 385×1, 395×1; 270,275×3

no video because my wife was using the camera to tape the kids having fun outside

bench: 45 btn x10, 100×6, 155×3, 205×3, 255×3, 300×1, 310×1, 320×1; 260,265,270,275×3, 280×2

my shoulder is sore or something i may take a day off which i don’t want to but it should be fine after 20 straight days of benching or something like that, i’ll do btn press maybe bench 135, band pulling, maybe actually train my upper back

speed deadlift: 135×3, 205×2, 215x4x3

hamstring is a little stiff and may do some rdls tomorrow, also, and this falls into the whiny bitch complaint category, the floor in my gym is really cold and i can feel it through the soles of my deadlift slippers which was quite unpleasant

time: 1:32

listen i don’t usually push the music too hard because i know everybody’s taste varies; but two things, first of all this is great/funny:

never heard of the guy but apparently he makes one of these every year since like 2004

also, DJ Whiteowl (who looks extremely odd btw is IMO the best mixtape DJ out there.  get some:

someone linked to my 5/3/1 sucks article on facebook and i gotta couple of new comments check it out:


11 thoughts on “fun in the snow

  1. Chuckled at the guy who said 5/3/1 sucks, but 20 rep squats “work wonders”.

    I also support your response to “Joe”. Money spent on any training book is money wasted.

    I got nice gains from 5/3/1, except on the deadlift.

    • In defense of paying, I think dinosaur training was worth it and keys to progress. Though the latter more for pleasure reading. I would add one of the Russian books can’t remember if it was supertraining or science and practice. I got it from uni library. Wouldn’t pay full textbook price. Mastery of hand strength if you’re into that. And that pretty much sums up strength training books worth paying twenty dollars for. Fats will probably argue my list is way too long. I have to say rock iron steel is interesting even though justa is tubby and reportedly a maniac. Five bucks. I would also pay ten if someone neatly printed out and bound all the Louie Simmons articles.

      • I’m gonna buy some of Bud Charniga’s translated Russian books, and I want to buy Mel Siff’s “Super Training” as well. Also might want some of Yuri Vershanko (or however his name is spelled) plyometric training books. So someday Bud Charniga may get $50-100 of my money. One day I will be Bud Charniga of ice skating.

        Awhile back I had links to quite a lot of books, strangely off of a Russian university’s DIR of books to download. lololol, university pirating books.

        • Verkoshansky allegedly said that Charniga’s translations of his work are crap.

          You should study Russian and read/translate the original Soviet weightlifting books. Out-Charniga Charniga.

          • What I really need to find is some old Soviet figure skating books. From the little I read of Russian skating related literature (I made posts about it on my blog) it’s quite good. Main point of this post, though, I can’t see myself paying for an American book about lifting weights. Russian books are like “Yeah, we can’t garuantee anything, and you’ll have to try a lot of different stuff, but here’s some good ideas to think about.” Whereas American books instead say “ADD 50LBS TO YOUR SQUAT AND GET HOT CHICKS NOW JUST BUY MY BOOK!”

    • I’m still alive. In other news, I think I’ve developed an asymmetric squat, and also missed my 4th single at 365 today so that’s fucking great.

      Fats, I paid for SS and the 70sbig TM book. I got enjoyment out of reading them and supporting them. I wouldn’t say any training book has substantial content over and above what you can find by browsing the tubes, so if that’s the only metric for worth, then I guess I agree. I don’t even

      • Glad to have you back and as a feel good mom type of compliment that I actually mean at least you are squatting 365. I meant to add ss to the list but forgot. It came out too late for me but it’s worth it. Haven’t read 70s big but I bet it’s solid

        • The only training books I ever paid for were Brookfield’s cable book and Justa’s Rock, Iron, Steel. Because they were impossible to find through other channels. Both were a waste of money.

          Buying books to support authors is good and makes sense. I could just never see training book writers as “authors”, I guess.

  2. Great article, funny and succinct. I fall into the category of “not having time but want to get moderately strong.”
    BTW, I do pride myself on the fact that I have never paid for a program. I may have borrowed, but never bought.

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