training log 20150222

squat: …375×1; 250,255×3

bench: …330×1; 260,265×3

deadlift never mind; 240,245×3 but going to do speed pulls for a while and not going to get carried away as usual and do 405 and say it’s 60% therefore giving me a 700 lb DL or whatever

time: 1:17


8 thoughts on “training log 20150222

    • thanks man i thought of you during bench but not in a gay way

      your blog is great btw i know you just put up old posts today but they were new to me so i enjoyed them

      i use elitefts wrist wraps btw they are very well made and when you want to step up from your old pair you should get some. i’ve been using mine for over a year pretty much daily on bench sets over 225-275. when i did mil press & push press i used them for that too.

      • No experience with those wraps, but I like my titan max rpm as an alternative. I got the 24s, they go to 36 but those are pretty rough on the joints.

        • I use a pair of cheap wrist wraps (Harbinger) that I think came free with something else I bought. Mostly on push presses, but sometimes on bench too. Does a good pair of wraps really make a difference in how much you lift? Or is it more for pain relief?

          • more for pain relief/prevention. i have little skinny wrists and despite Kubik/Brookfield claims to the contrary their diameter has not increased due to heavy lifting or grip/forearm training. i think we’ve been over the fatman likes cheap wraps/coach likes good ones debate before or maybe it was over belts.

            anyhow they did help me to increase my weight lifted because for years i had a bad habit of letting my hands bend back and wearing wraps cured me of it.

          • Little bitch wrists/joints crew checking in. I still stand by my endorsement of cheap lifting belts, but maybe you have a point about wraps.

  1. Thx for the compliment. I’ve been posting stuff at a couple of forums for a while, but not really the place to do it. I even had a mod tell me to stick to workout logs only. I’ll be posting my daily logs starting tomorrow. I’ll look up the wraps.

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