that was quick
Back on the full Broz thing again
Doing a meet in July
Squat 360
Volume 6
Bench 320
Volume 12
Sumo DL 310
Volume 6
Time 1:28
Obviously that is not my max deadlift. Building up slow. Not a real max squat either. Bench is. Also the volume on squat and deadlift were not up to the Broz standard of “go down 20 or 30 kg” more like 50 but it will come




12 thoughts on “back

  1. Was quick. Glad you are back. I plead ignorance once again, can I get a link to the Broz program? I had switched from the Madcow to something different,but began losing strength almost immediately. Back on it because I am pleased with results. Pre-Madcow four lift totals 570 post=920. I would like to learn more. Thing is, I got limited time.

    • Go to and read one of the three posts there which is a listing of all Broz powerlifting links. The Contreras tmag article and the thread are really all you need. I didn’t include the pl2 win review because it’s basically a review of the Perryman book and tbh Perryman is kind of a pussy. But Broz/Bulgarian style is not for people with limited time. I have heard good things about mad cow. Have you tried 531 or a variant? Pl2win does make the good point (although he takes 3000 words to do it) that there is no sense to spend so much time training if you can get gains elseways.

      • Thx. Good read,but you are correct. Not ideal for the time challenged. Maybe one day, as some of his philosophies make sense to me. Squatting everyday seems right. I love that movement.

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