Mother Goose’s Valentine’s Day Tea Party


First of all you can tell I am dressed up by the fact that my shirt has buttons AND collar but no hood.

Second I’m not the one who went completely limp and collapsed in a heap like a passive resister.  I’m not the one who chose to go to the “area of shame” to play with plastic food instead of attending the lovely tea party,


At the very end we snuck in and had some cookies, but by this time all the moms who were “dressed up” in leopard print mini skirts had already left (although Quincy didn’t seem to care)

weight: 175.4 (irrelevant – after lifting and gozzling a protein shake)

squat: ,,,380×1, 225,230,235,240×3

alright i seem to be content just doing #22 for my max so I’m gonna stop writing that.  i touch pins that are below parallel.  For the volume, i was squatting without safety bars but I was also benching in between so I was a little concerned that reracking the bench too hard would make the squat fall and break my legs which is why I went light.  no it’s cause i’m a pussy; it’s fine.

bench: …317.5×1, 225,230×3

deadlift off 0.5″ deficit: …390×1

might do a little volume after deadlift but ran out of time today

time: 55 min


20 thoughts on “Mother Goose’s Valentine’s Day Tea Party

    • it is okay celica. usually i’m compared to BTK because of my grip strength.

      but for those hating at home let it be noted that I don’t typically wear my sunglasses indoors at any time of day but i was all set to bounce (note baby cup in hand) when my wife took that.

      okay sometimes i wear them in like mcdonalds when it’s really sunny cause they have those big windows. okay maybe also when i go into like a gas station really quick. okay i pretty much wear them at any time that it is even possible to see with them on.

      • Coach, on your break, watch some anime! I found out like, 99% of the time when I’m questioning myself and have problems in my life and think “man I just read about how the economy is gonna collapse tomorrow.” Or “man, everyone’s on drugs and I’ll never do anything cool ever” from reading the lifting sites or forums or other sites. I find in those situations, it’s better to lie down in bed and watch anime. I mean you could be productive. But anime is more productive than internet, imo.

        Here is a heart touching children’s anime, it’s awesome, but really sad. It’s English dubbed and despite sub espanol in the title they’re not hardcoded.

        You could watch it with Rex and your wife, it’ll be cool. It’s basically like a Miyazaki movie. Your wife will be like “THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING I’VE SEEN ON THE SCI FI CHANNEL, HAVE YOUR INTERNET FRIEND FIND MORE ANIME TO WATCH.”

  1. What do you mean you’re taking a break? A break from lifting? A break from posting? Both? Goddammit Coach, I was just getting back to enjoying daily updates.

  2. Coach I think you would like Gundam 0083. It involves a rookie pilot (who is not a teenager like most Gundam shows) who must prove himself to whiskey in the cockpit drinking old veteran pilots who dislike him. He also does not like carrots and is shy around girls.

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