best license plate ever

license plate

ahead of me at the chicken drive thru.  I swear i did not edit this besides those black bars.  When I took the pic out my window (i was alone in the car), someone started to get out.  I got really scared because – well, it should be pretty obvious why.  But it was some plump woman, and she didn’t notice me, she was just adjusting something in her car.  Some thoughts:

1. is it supposed to be KID RAPPER, but that’s too many letters and someone else had KIDRAPPR?

2.  Was this court ordered?

3.  This seems a bit obvious, like they aren’t even trying.  What happened to the traditional panel van and offer of candy/puppy?

4. Clearly they only want really young or illiterate children.

for some thoughtful thoughts go see celica’s post and my response, and then jump in the futile time-wasting arguments which will surely follow:

Wt: unknown – actually it was 176.4 after dinner, but that’s not really valid since i only eat two meals a day they tend to be pretty large, and in today’s case, partially consist of a good portion of the chocolate i bought my wife for Valentine’s day.

Squat #22: …375×1; 315×2, 340×1

Bench: …316×1

well, that’s sad, but i got it benching in deadlift slippers with no arch to speak of. for those scoring at home i now use a very close grip at least in training which is quite easy on the shoulders.  The tips of my thumbs brush the smooth when I extend them, so I guess my index fingers are like 2 1/2 inches from the smooth

Deadlift #24: …535×1

now even more ridiculous because of the deadlift slippers instead of Chucks means that my knees and hips are locked out before I actually do the rep (okay not really but it’s damn close), so I won’t be doing this height any more ever.


5 thoughts on “best license plate ever

  1. So, I’m in favor of daily updates. Who said I wasn’t.

    Also, I bench thumb length from smooth. Feelsgoodbro.

    Platform has begun. Laid out plywood, need some rubber mats. Then comes the rest. How’s the Adidas bench?

    • you squalled about it 6 months ago or something
      that’s probably even closer than me since i doubt any other adult male has shorter arms. otoh maybe your thumbs are longer

      the adidas bench 9.9/10 once in a while i trip on it and the endcaps on the feet come off but this has only happened twice (end caps coming off – i trip on it daily)

      • I put the cuticle of my thumbs where the knurl and smooth meet. But, I’m a puss and bench light and only once a week. I’d rather have a strong OHP.

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