return of the training log


cowboy guy wants the daily training log to come back.  why not.

Weight: 171.4 after training but I just drank a bunch of water so idk.

I realized I could squat more weight if I made some changes to my form.  One was suggested by the pictures from the latest Mark Rippetoe T-mag article:  I have been looking at the wall right in front of me simulating 6-10 feet out on the floor but it’s much better to look at the crossbar in front of my feet.  Also, I can get the bar even lower on my back by like two inches.  This hurts like hell but maybe I will get used to it.  Also it pretty much invalidates the rack height records I’ve been keeping but whatever.  I’ll just add in a new even lower height, stop doing the top one, and call it a day.  Third, my knee is feeling better and I widened my stance back out some.  It was shoulder width but now it is several inches wider.

Squat to pin #22 …355×1  320×3
That’s weak sauce but it’s the first time I did it to that low of a height.

Bench: …265×5

i stopped doing BTN press a couple of days ago when i missed 163.5; sorry Jaysun

Rack DL #28 this is the lowest: …435×1
not too bad but I’m wearing deadlift slippers instead of Chuck Taylors which isn’t a 2-inch difference but it sure helps

Time: 55 minutes


4 thoughts on “return of the training log

  1. I’ve had pretty terrible inconsistent training since right around the beginning of this year. Got mildly sick and then weather. Fun fun. Would join home gym crew perhaps, but my garage space is gonna get taken over by work space, and the ceiling is too low to military press standing. Maybe I should get dumbbells. Then I could do some exercises of Scooby’s site. And skateboard squats.

    • for some reason your love of scooby makes me hate him. idk why i typically react negatively to things that you like. It’s not always true. Like LXDE linux whatever, I gave that a fair shake. Um, once in a while there’s a song. Stuff that you know more about like cars and say, if I needed ice skating advice I would trust you. But other things, like Scooby and carbs, eh. Maybe I’m just a hater.

  2. No worries on the BTN. Good to see a training log. I just started the Mad ow advanced. Was doing some other stuff, but was losing strength. My goal for OH press is 200. I used to do BTN, but forearm injury (big ass plate and screws) prevents it now. Regular OHP and its fine.

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