Why didn’t someone tell me?

There is basically a sequel to Dreadnought called Castles of Steel.  Which renders moot my criticism about Massie skimping over the actual start of WWI.  Still wish he were more interested in the land battles.  Started reading it today.  The Kaiser was such an interesting guy.  You can’t just label him as an “idiot,” or an “boor,” or a “warmonger.”  He certainly did do things that could land him in all three categories; but he also was an intelligent man, could be gracious, and genuinely wanted only friendly relations with England.  I hope to read everything Robert Massie has written.

I’m going to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 7 for a while.  If all goes well I’ll eventually get rid of the Windows.  If some stuff doesn’t work, I’ll continue to dual boot and just trim down Windows for only the program/peripheral that I absolutely need.  I’m getting a new SSD and Mint is going on there.  Kinda done with Windows.


25 thoughts on “Why didn’t someone tell me?

  1. I finished my first PC build about a month ago. I’m booting Windows 8 from my SSD (yes, I still poop my pants every time my computer boots in 10 seconds) and Mint from my HDD because I was cheap and only got a 128GB SSD. I do a lot of data analysis, and Windows is utterly terrible for this, so it’s nice having that functionality at home finally. I’m not really a Linux wiz, but I do like that there’s tons of documentation and (moreso) online discussion of common problems/fixes, whereas Windows has always seemed like a black box. Windows is pretty though, I’ll give it that.

    • Windows 8 is a huge piece of shit. Windows 7 is great (minus the user account control, fuck that thing), and there’s a pretty good amount of help online for various problems.

      But seriously using Windows 8 makes me feel like I have Downs Syndrome.

      • I was never heavily invested in windows 7 (in that I’ve never gone any deeper than the typical couch user), but the only big difference between the 7 and 8 (as far as I can tell) is aesthetics. Not having a touch device, I think much of 8 is retarded, but once I get to the desktop, there’s not much difference to me. The only inconveniences of 8 seem like they’re only due to me becoming accustomed to 7 (I have no idea if either of 7 or 8 is inherently better than the other; if this is the case, pls explain to me why so I can destroy people in discussions).

        • XP was very popular. Most people were dragged from it only when they were forced to. Millions of people still use it even though it is past its end-of-lifetime and their next automatic update will probably be from the Chinese army.

          7 is popular because it is like XP. I.e. familiar. People who use Windows want a start menu. Hell, most people who use linux want a start menu. I want my apps in a row across the bottom. I want a system tray in the lower right corner. I want to close windows by clicking an X in the top right (or pressing Alt-F4; i’m a power user). People who want “new” – cloud computing, waving a hand through the air, voice activation, touch screens – choose Apple, or Google.

          Windows 8 is insecure and full of NSA back doors. Listen, before anyone accuses me of tinfoil hatting, here’s an analogy: I don’t really care if the government reads my mail – I’m not up to anything illegal, and anyway I’m powerless to stop them. However, I’m not going to send all my letters through an optional clearinghouse for more efficient censorship. Microsoft is Vichy France.

        • Kinda like Coach said, it’s mostly personal preference for me. From what I can tell, 8 works just as well as 7, there are just things about it that annoy me. 8.1 is better than the first iteration because they realized that not having a start menu on something that’s not a touch device was fucking retarded. I think they were basically try to get into the tablet OS market with 8 because it was all swipe this, swipe that, blah blah.

          Just an example, a lady here at work got a Windows 8 laptop, before they pushed out 8.1, which included the start bar. The laptop was touchscreen, which is all well and good, but it was a pain in the ass to work. I would constantly switch between screens without meaning to, or close something I wasn’t trying to close. Or when I was actually trying to close something I’d have to swipe it 4-5 times to get it right. And trying to navigate through all that shit with the mousepad was horrible. Trying to right click something was impossible, which is more of an issue with the laptop but whatever; I’m attributing it to the laptop being made for Windows 8.

          And from a troubleshooting point of view, it takes generally more mouse clicks to get to settings and what not that you can change, which isn’t a huge deal but it’s kind of annoying having to click 5 different things instead of 2-3. And just to shut the computer down takes more clicks (like 4 I think, vs 2 on Win 7), which is ridiculous to me.

          With that being said, it’s not as bad since they’ve added the start menu. And I do like that all of the Windows 8 machines have a built in recovery mode so you can wipe it back to the factory settings pretty quick. BUT, to turn that on you have to go into the BIOS and enable and all this shit. At least I did on the last one I was working on.

          Windows 10 looks pretty fucking baller though, because they’re taking the good stuff from 8 and bringing back all the good stuff from 7 it seems.

          • This blog is getting harder to read than Swede’s. At least I can put his posts into Google Translate and sort of understand what he’s talking about.

          • Yeah their whole deal was not wanting to just hand over the entire touch market to the iPad, so came out with the Surface and an accompanying OS. It was stupid of them to try and do both (they’re really trying too hard to integrate computer, phone, xbox, everything else). They clearly don’t grasp the idea of worlds colliding; I like my shit separate and compartmentalized.

            fatTranslation: Microsoft is a tryhard.

  2. I’ve been using Linux for a while. It’s pretty great. So far LXLE is the distro I’m most happy with. Linux is kind of a pain, but at least it’s never an emergency pain. With Windows some virus will be an emergency scenario thing, whereas Linux it’ll just be some bullshit with a program not installing the way you want.

    Note, I don’t actually know how to use Linux. I just use it. I pretty much just got Linux for the same reasoning as this:

  3. Getting paranoid that I’ve contracted hand foot and mouth disease, as I see several small red marks on my hands. It’s more likely I just used a barbell with sharp knurling or something, since I don’t have any other symptoms. Last time I experienced this, it never got any worse than what I’m seeing now (whereas Coach’s hands damn near fell off). Time will tell. Also, the top post in reddit.com/r/tifu about a guy discovering his cheating wife is a fucking rollercoaster of a read. 10/10 would recommend.

  4. Coach, so I’m happy with LXLE (modified Lubuntu) but I do kind of miss the bootup speed I had with Crunchbang, which was Debian running Openbox window manager. However I never really got Openbox configured right, ie, it wouldn’t auto update the start menu equivalence, just lots of shit was buggy and annoying. For comparison, Openbox booted a bit faster on a 2ghz single core Celeron than LXLE/Lubuntu does on my 2.66ghz dual core with 4 gigs of RAM.

    I wish I was a hardcore power user who didn’t need no GUIs.

    Coach, can I tell you a story about how I’m such a l337 haxor? OK, so my uncle the first time he lived with us for a 5 month block, I was in 5th grade. He gave me as I guess a present, some very old laptops (even by back then’s standards.) The only one I still have today is a Toshiba Satellite with a black and white screen and a whopping 72mhz processor, with 16 megs of RAM. I think the others were 133mhz or approx with 32 megs of RAM? No CD drives, only floppy drives. No USB either. Anyway, I think the 133mhz ones with color screens might have had Windows 95, at least one of them did. Maybe the other had this other setup. This other setup was pretty neat. DOS. And Windows 3.1… BUT, it was Windows 3.1 with a skin that made it look like Windows 98! That’s pretty nifty, eh? Anyway, to make the laptop do something a little bit cool, I loaded on an NES emulator and Wolfenstein 3D and played them in DOS.

    Maybe I should build a MAME arcade cabinet.

    • This should thrill you – now that I have the desktop working, I’m going to put LXLE on my netbook bc of your recommendation. I’m running Lubuntu, but I stupidly clicked update to go from 13.04 to 14.04 which i just learned you should never do (either fresh install or just leave it if it works).
      and your story is pretty cool. Here’s something – i (my parents) had a 300 baud modem from 1987 until _1994_
      Pretty sure we were the last 300 baud users in the 1st world not counting like cash registers.

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