Training Changes

Listen, I’m continuing to screw with the movie software.  It’s awesome I now lift weights for an hour a day and fool with making the videos for eight.  Okay, that includes time where it is burning codecs or converting format or whatever it’s doing while a progress bar goes across the screen and I’m doing something else. Still, annoying.  So I’ll just go back to the 21st century method and tell you what I’ve changed:

Squats – same, still doing rack squats, still making great progress

BTN – still doing these the same, still good, still making Jaysun proud.

Bench – I dunno I got stuck and keep missing when I do two rack heights.  I should have bought a rack with 1 inch pin holes.  Or maybe I’ll buy a 1″ mat bc clearly plates were not working.  Hsilman – what should I do – buy another TSC mat and cut it?  But right now I’m having fun doing floor press once again.  I guess I should do regular bench once in a while too, so that I get some strength off my chest.  I almost just went back to doing regular bench all the time but then I remembered that I don’t have a spotter.

Deadlift – changed my deadlift training for the millionth time in the last year.  Now I’m doing rack pulls at 6 different heights + regular deadlifts.  I know everyone hates on rack pulls.  Speed deadlifts were hurting my knee.  Maybe it’s just sumo.  I’m pulling conventional for now as the rack isn’t wide enough to do sumo.

Overall stuff’s going pretty good.  Bought a tarp for raking leaves onto, and a “lopper” to replace one that came with the house but had the handles attached with tape.  Found a bigger tarp and another lopper in the shed where my inlaws hide things, so I’m returning the ones I bought.  Feels like I just made $40.  That place is a dangerous dark cave.  You go in and you might find a shiny new tool that’s just what you need.  You may find that your mother-in-law has borrowed some of your Sterilite containers.  You may knock over a coffee can containing – I’m not making this up – books of matches, thumbtacks, and rusty nails – and do this in the dark, with only the light on your keychain – and you’re wearing flip-flops.


26 thoughts on “Training Changes

    • My grandfather did it too and he lived about as far north as you could get without being in Canada. So I guess it’s an old person thing. When I was little he used to let me take the nails and hammer them into the wall of this old shed. Which marks the first time since 1938 that someone has actually used a nail from a coffee can. “Here, let me use some of these rusty, bent, mismatched nails on my important carpentry project.”

    • The only rack pulls that are useless are from knee level and above. These aren’t really “useless” either, since they’re a great upper back exercise, they just don’t help with pulling off the floor.

      I used rack pulls to bust through a 2-year DL plateau. Then later I tried the same program again, made huge gainz on my rack pulls but my deadlift actually got weaker. I think rack pulls can be a decent tool, as long as you keep doing full-ROM deadlifts along with them.

      • Sunny, I don’t understand, but maybe it’s because I haven’t had muh coffee.

        I love rack pulls for the aforementioned reasons, and also because they’re a good opportunity to do extra grip work if needed. 80sfat had a bretty gud write up on them. Unfortunately I can’t do them regularly because not enough racks.

        • pretty much was just agreeing with fatman, just in a stupid way.
          partials are voodoo. “ohh I do this at my sticking point” or “this short rom will for sure help my lock out” is all nonsense.

          really, they are a fundamentally different lift. there might be carryover, there might not, or it might come for a totally different reason than expected. But I don’t think they should be done with the idea of improving a certain portion of some other different lift.

          • “But I don’t think they should be done with the idea of improving a certain portion of some other different lift.”

            Would agree 10/10, learned this the hard way. Or rather the time-wasting way.

  1. uhh.. Well first, you should do more full ROM bench work, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Maybe use smaller plates? 5s are way thinner than 45s and you can use 2-4 under the bench, I’m sure, depending on how big the legs are.

          • Also with hose clamps you could probably just clamp it on with no U. U would be more professional but you’d need to actually cut it. Otherwise all you’d need is a piece of wood and some big hose clamps.

            Actually here’s an easier idea. Wooden dowels from Lowes, then hose clamp them onto the pins. To make it straight put one hose clamp around the dowel then another hose clamp through that hose clamp, maybe another hose clamp to make an X pattern. Do this once or twice just for alignment purposes, then just put more hoseclamps around the bar. Or just put dowel plus hose clamps on.

            Man this is fun.

          • gunna have to disagree with the Celiac about the hose clamps and the dowels mostly due to stability/safety and set up issues. I Do think you could make something that might take an hour. but once its made it would only take seconds to set up/remove.

          • Or you could squat to a box (not a box squat, just touch-n-go) and add/remove boards to achieve desired depth.

            Actually I think this would have better carryover to the full squat than squatting to pins.

  2. OH/BTN Presses, squat and DL are MY big three. Sorry you are stuck benching. I can’t lift heavy on bench,hence my mirin of the OH stuff.
    My grandfather had a “tin shed” that was like that. No electricity out there,decades of “valuables.” Cool and exciting as a kid, scary and dangerous as an adult.

  3. i’m probably going to buy another mat and cut it into thirds. (some guy in a review on the TSC site was talking about the best way to cut it which i think was not a power tool but just a knife and a shitload of time but i’ll double check.)
    that way i can use it for deficit deadifts too and even intermediate squats if i totally become insane

    • I feel like this is the best option. Dunno if I’d do it with a budder knife though.

      “That’s all it takes really, pressure, and time. That, and a big goddamn poster. Like I said, in prison a man will do most anything to keep his mind occupied.”

      I’ve heard you get better results if you go full Shawshank and crawl through the sewer. Bonus points if it’s a septic.

    • Definitely the best option, I was just trying to think of a quick alternative.

      You could get cheaper puzzle mats instead i guess.

  4. 1 pair of wei ruis en route. Ended up having to go with the expensive ones because their inventory was hurtin (which sounds typical) but they seem better than the VS pair on amazon that’s slightly more expensive so w/e.

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