Awesome post coming, at least by my standards, but the video editing software keeps crashing my computer.



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  1. Coach you’ve said before you do not like politically conscious/non-gangsta rap and pretty much only listen to gangster rap, correct? You said you used to listen to A Tribe Called Quest in college but played it out too much? Can I assume you used to listen to politically conscious/non-gangsta rap but now just listen to gangster rap? See, when I listened to rap a lot during my high school years, I had a similar thing happen. Then I just quit listening to rap and any “hard” music entirely and only listened to techno and jpop and stuff. But now I’m listening to a bit of rap again and am back to politically conscious stuff about being a vegan.

    And kind of stupid rap about anime.

    So how’d your rap music tastes progress?

    • I had a friend in middle school who brought over his NWA and Public Enemy tapes and got me hooked on rap. I like PE who are “positive” I guess, like the Black Panthers compared to the Crips. He brought over KRS-One and Tribe too. But eventually he went more and more in that direction and when we hung out after a year apart at different colleges, he was disappointed that I’d joined a frat and I was disappointed that he had basically become Louis Farrakhan despite being a white kid from the suburbs. I’m not against PC-NG rap, it’s just that most of it is bad. I never had a “phase” where I preferred it. I do hate 99.8% of Chiraq music. I’ll pretend that’s because it’s socially irresponsible.

      • I just looked up this Chief Keef fellow today. Supposedly he’s got Aspergers. He’s got wonderful charisma for interviews. Seriously loled so much during the parts of an interview I watched of him. Everyone used to think I was high all the time, too. Maybe I am.

  2. Coach, with Lil B, I found out something interesting. He actually makes really good socially conscious nice music with fairly polished production and general care put into it. Like this:

    But then his silly ridiculous songs get 10x more views.

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