Update on the Internet problem: There must be something wrong with the desktop’s wireless card.  But the new modem/router help because I can now just use the ethernet cable in my office and wireless everywhere else is super fast, so this saves me $40.

Updates on the leaf problem: Neighbors (who are selling their house and don’t live there ATM but my inlaws know how to contact them, unless they are making this up) said that I could dump the leaves into this “pond” in their back yard.  By pond I mean this thing is a foot-deep mosquito breeding ground surrounded by mud.  Win-win.

Update on Dreadnought: You have to read this book.  I’m halfway thru.  I wish this guy wrote ten more books about WWI.  (this one is about the buildup to war, focusing on the naval arms race and explaining how in 15 years or less the Germans went from being so close to allies with Britain to, well, I won’t post any spoilers here.

Most people know a lot less about WWI than WWII and not just because it took place longer ago.  I think the reason for this is that the ten second stereotypes for WWII tend to be more correct: “Hitler was a bad person who hated Jews and wanted to take over the world.”  Okay, a first grader could tell you that – but it’s right.  WWI is misunderstood: “It was all just trench warfare; neither side could make any gains.” Not true.  A lot of people also think WWI was the Western Front.  Which was the most important front, true, but…

Training Update

I have a video of this and will cut it, set it to rap music, and post it tomorrow.

Also for newcomers or the easily confused I train about six days a week.

wt: ?  yesterday i was fat 170.4 tho

Squat: …380

BTN Press: 148.5×2

Bench: …235×2

BP Bench #21 (the lowest): 310

Sumo DL: 280×3,3 in :13

time: 55 minutes or so


11 thoughts on “Updates

    • Lowes has CAT5 cord for like 10c a foot or something. I did that for my bedroom computer as my wireless adapter and Linux never really worked right. Need a crimp tool, though.

    • i don’t know if it’s “cooler”, there’s a lot of folly on all sides which would be funny if it didn’t lead to the devastation of Europe and the loss of most of a generation. Over the top, boys, we must have the spirit of offense!

        • don’t know if you’re still reading this old thread, but I disagree that there weren’t bad guys. I would put a lot of blame on Germany’s military leaders, in terms of making decisions that they knew would cause a crisis, and refusing to back down because they (legitimately) thought they could win. Austria does not invade Serbia without Germany’s express backing and encouragement. They even covered up their deeds with diplomatic tricks including outright lying. This is not to say that they are solely at fault. Just you can certainly say that these men “wanted war”.

    • 335 was the heaviest i went for after i lost the weight, i don’t do heavy singles here, but do doubles. everything is going according to plan. Yeah, i would say the combination of the weight loss and not having a spotter for a heavy bench at the Y definitely impacted me heavily. But on the other hand I have been training it with more frequency, so i think with some peaking and focus on heavy singles I’d do well.

  1. Coach this is gonna sound full retard, but I think you’d like Gundam if you like WWII. You see UC Gundam Universe is actually based upon WWII. The Federation is the Allies and Zeon is Axis/the Nazis. The Zeon are trying to take over Earth for Lebensraum, but there’s also racialism in that people on Earth just don’t understand people in Space. Also later on you get to Newtypes and Zeon wanting to destroy the Earth to create a master race of Newtype people. So imagine WWII with giant robots. That’s why Gundam is cool.

    • i didn’t know anything about Gundam except that making models of the robots has either helped or contributed to UG’s suicidal depression. But I’ll check it out, can’t say when. Unlike certain things you recommend (carbs, muscle snatches, anime music), though, I’m not predjudiced against it from the start.

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