NCBY Part Two

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?   Did you stick to your diet, or did you have a cheat meal and gorge yourself?   Was your gym open in the morning?  Did you get a training session in?   Did you see your relatives?  Watch football?   Well, we have a saying at my house:  Nobody Cares But You.  So please do not post your Thanksgiving exploits in the comments.  What’s that?  It’s a little late for a post mentioning Thanksgiving?   What’s that?  It’s been 2 weeks since i posted?  Too bad.  NCBY.

Here’s yesterday’s training:

wt: 169.8

Squat: 45×4, 135×3, 225×2, 315×1

Partial Squat #17 (halfway down or a little more): 385, 425, 455×1 (10 lb PR, goal at this height is 600)

harder than it should be because i went down very slowly in an attempt not to do what I  did with 425 i.e. come crashing down and bounce off the pins

(supersetted squats with band pulling)

Behind The Neck Press: 45×8, 115×5

I been doing this before bench and worked up to a not too bad 160 lb single the other day but today went light because i actually missed my first rack bench yesterday

Bench: 185×3, 255×1

Bottom Position Bench #19 (like the upper third): 315, 350×1 (5 lb PR, missed 360 yesterday a lot of the presses have been easy, so I overextended and then didn’t have time/motivation to redo; goal at this height is 460)

Sumo Deadlift: 135×3, 205×2, 265×3,3 in 16 seconds

so you do this 265×6 = 1590 (volume) then you divide by time (16) = 99.4 which is the “power” and you keep the weight the same until you can beat your old power record.

Father next to me at jiu-jitsu will not shut the fuck up and just starts telling me things.  “Got some new dog food the other day, gonna try that.”  “My daughter stayed up too late last night.”  “Taking the week of Christmas off from work.”  So then I say, “Oh yeah?” to be polite and he then elaborates.  “It’s the expensive kind but it’s good for worms.”  “Her and her sister were watching a movie.”  “I put in for it in January just to be sure.”  NCBY NCBY NCBY.  Look ,exchange pleasantries in the first five minutes of the class, then let me fucking type okay?   Finally had to just say only “mm” or nothing at all and bang the keys to get him to leave me alone but he still kept trying.  Glad i made a pattern of sitting next to him every time so now if I don’t everyone will notice because all the parents sit in the same spots always.

Still have not found the charger for my camera.  However, my wife pointed out to me that “IT HAS AN ATTACHED USB THING THAT FOLDS OUT YOU IDIOT” (for charging on a computer).  Expect videos soon.

3 acres of rakable lawn.  2 years since the yard has been raked in some places.  About 50 trees on the property or hanging over it.  On a corner so all kinds of shit blows in, much more than blows out – at least in my biased opinion.   This is World War I.  I am the German army, with better technology (I have a leaf blower), and better tactics.  On the other hand, the enemy has nearly unlimited resources and can just throw men at me.  The lines are barely moving.

Also international opinion is against me.   The assholes from the City Works Department and the Trash Company only pick up my yard waste when they feel like it.  My father-in-law wants to burn the leaves.  My wife is against this for environmental reasons and because my son has asthma.  He doesn’t want me to call the trash company or city works dept any more (“That’s not how it’s done in the South”)  Also because I was ranting and raving within earshot “I’m going to call those jerks and yell at them” and out of earshot: “Everybody from the South is lazy and stupid.”

Karena: HEY

Me: Sorry, I didn’t know you were standing there.


I wasn’t really going to yell at them on the phone.   He technically owns the place for now – so i have to do what he says.  He doesn’t want me to put bags of leaves roadside anyway bc it’s “bad for the environment”.  We’ve compromised that he’ll take the leaves to the back of the property and dump them in a compost heap at the edge of the woods.  So my passive aggressive retailiation to this compromise is that I now have 50 bags of leaves behind the house in addition to a pile about 10x10x10 and will work like a madman to generate a similar quantity daily until he grows tired of pushing them across a bumpy field in a shitty old wheelbarrow, then gets yelled at by the women for allowing leaves to pile up behind the house.

The Coming of the Third Reich by Evans was inferior to The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich –  or at least offers very little new at 3x the price and 3x the number of books you have to get IOT have the whole story.  Discuss and argue in comments if you’re that kind of guy.

Reading a book called Dreadnought by Robert Massie.  It’s basically about 1815-1914 and the buildup to World War I.  It’s fucking awesome so far.  And I still have like 970 page left.  Learning a lot I don’t know, because my pre-existing knowledge of that time period is minimal.  Like, for instance, did you know that Queen Victoria was King George III’s granddaughter?  Yeah the Revolutionary War guy.  But even more fascinating, she’s Kaiser Wilhelm’s grandmama.  So basically this guy fought a war against his own family.  Never would have happened if Wilhelm’s dad hadn’t been murdered by a English doctor died of cancer 100 days after taking charge.

I owe Celica bench press advice that he won’t take, and to inspect his nonsensical videos as well as maybe a reply or two to some other comments but my internet on my desktop is not working and it’s pissing me off when the damn laptop is right next to it, but the laptop is too small and i can’t see shit or think straight because i’m too angry.   G’night.


17 thoughts on “NCBY Part Two

    • I think this will help, as coach appears to be both irritable and fat (only 0.2 lbs from 170….). The berries will help with weight management, and the gardening will ease the soul.

      I suppose you could argue that compost leaves will release methane and ultimately contribute to global warming. That oughta rustle some jimmies.

  1. I feel that Evans is far more thorough and unbiased than Shirer. He also doesn’t try and pretend that Nazis happened because of Martin Luther or any other bullshit. /endargument

    I will reiterate my argument that you should avoid any of your planned movements beyond the very lowest of the partials. Maybe one pin above that at most. You can “squat” 1000# for 3″ at the top and it will never do shit for your actual squat a foot lower.

    Good luck, God bless.

  2. I had a good Thanksgiving, thanks for asking.

    You might want to check your burn laws too mane. I think starting February here you can’t burn anything before 4:00 pm. Don’t know about down yonder in the deep south though. But really, that’s totally the way to go and it’s a good opportunity to stand in your yard and drink beer while you watch the leaves burn.

    And what’s your computer doing? Is it like not connecting at all or is it saying it’s connected but won’t let you do anything online?

  3. “Like, for instance, did you know that Queen Victoria was King George III’s granddaughter?”

    The three main dudes in WWI were all related (George V of Britain, the Kaiser and the doofus in Russia). Actually it was Wilhelm who was related to both. Talk about a family spat. Kinda puts your Cold War with the in-laws into perspective.

  4. Now that you’ve had this equipment for a little while and have had a chance to put some decent weight on it, what’s your opinion on it? Especially the rack and cap bar, as that’s what I plan on getting. Is it going to fall apart when you load up 500#?

  5. Don’t burn the leaves! There are two old retired guys in my neighborhood who do nothing but rake and burn year round. They crush my soul because they live south of me and the prevailing winds are from the south. So,when they burn (on the most beautiful days with nice temps and no humidity) we have to go inside. Call the city and bust their balls.
    On another note, I am reaching a plateau on my squats. I know Coach and Fatman both said I would. I knew I would. So my thoughts are: keep going with the 5*5 and just reconfigure using my own weight progressions or abandon it and work up to (light and 10-12 reps)85-90% of my five rep max then go 5@90% 3@95% 1@100% 1@105% 1@110% remember, it’s a 5rep max. Good or bad idea?

    • I’m not going to burn them bc my wife won’t let me. My father-in-law, in SC would rake up a little pile, then light it, then repeat 100x, then go inside to sleep with dozens of smoldering piles. I’d come home after dark and when I pulled into the driveway it felt like I was entering Mordor.
      Your plan is not bad. What I would do is maybe 3×3 for a little. Start light like with not much more than your 5RM on your last set the 1st day. After a while try doing doubles, again starting moderate. Then after several training sessions of triples and doubles (1-10 depending on how saucy/adventurous/young you feel), go for some singles, again starting light enough that the first few are easy. I don’t know your goals but my plan would be appropriate for someone who *always* does 5s but wants to try singles and increase/find their 1RM.

    • 3×5 also works well, and is a natural progression from 5×5. So you do 5×5, but only the last 3 sets are with the actual working weight. This allows you to go heavier and keep milking the sweet gainz from sets of 5.

      I’m not against triples and singles and low-rep sets, I just believe that these should be done sparingly and to “peak” your strength after you have built a base with the sets of 5. So like Coach said, run a cycle of lower reps to find a new 1RM, then go back to fives.

      The Texas Method is also pretty effective (do sets of 5 one day, then have a second heavy day of triples). I have been using a modified version of this for a while now.

      • I’ve looked at TM as well, right now, its only my squat that is plateauing. Current PR’s are Squat 285*5 (easy) OH Press 135*5 and Pendlay rows 205*5. I don’t bb BP due to a big ass metal plate in my right ulna that feels like it is going to rip out if I go over 195#. Thx for the thoughts. All is under consideration.

    • non Klokov. As a funny aside i once told Chad about Klokov presses and he watched videos at home, then tried them out. Of course he was unable to use any weight less than 135 and had to do like 10 or 15 sets, so for the next two weeks every time he saw me he’d grumble that the exercise was stupid and hurt his shoulders.
      re pc,dm,cp meeting, i’m much more concerned about whether jimi hendrix actually played with jim morrison. I mean play-played, not JM jumping on stage drunk. no phony limewire mp3s please.

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