Nice Rack

I’m changing some things up.  I am still training every day.  But now that I have guaranteed access to the rack for as long as I want, and no meet coming up in the next few months, I want to give rack work a fresh shot.  So the new training protocol looks like this:

  • Squat to a light daily max, then squat to pins for 3-4 singles, each time increasing the weight and decreasing the ROM. (much to my consternation I still cannot bench and squat simultaneously without either buying another rack or running the risk of banging the 45s together; neither of which I want to do)
  • supersetted with band pulling, and exhorting the large imaginary crowd who attend my workouts (by means of triumphant gestures, and stirring – but mostly inaudible – victory speeches)
  • Bench: warming up with a couple light/medium sets of BTN press, then up to a pretty light triple (for now – this may change to do more sets and a daily max) and then bottom position benches w/the same loading as squats: 3-4 singles, weight +, ROM-.
  • supersetted with real light sumo deadlifts, working on speed and form, maybe 10 singles or 5 sets of 2 or 3 or whatever I feel like

I do enjoy bottom position squats and may give those a try in addition to/instead of the partials.  OTOH I feel that when I do these I tend to widen my stance, go unrealistically low bar & in other ways make it less specific and more like a Paul Anderson back lift.

My weight is super low, like 165-166.  The other day I went to a buffet restaurant with my family & inlaws.  People remarked that they were surprised that I was eating dessert, and I replied that I eat it once in a while (it’s been about 4-6 months).  I then had four desserts (pie, cake, other pie & cookies).  Stomach distress commenced. and I commented to my wife (between groans in the car on the way home) that my actions were like a guy who hasn’t drank alcohol in months and then drinks way more than anybody else.

Thanks to, I think, Celica, for pointing out powerlifting2win website.  I may have checked it out a few months ago and dismissed it bc content was sparse.  Now I’m reading that thing all the time and trying out a lot of the form pointers.  An invaluable resource.

Rex and I now play two-player Minecraft (split-screen).  Our relationship in the game is similar to our relationship in RL:

On our first (game) night we constructed a temporary shelter.  Things were going well and we were getting along/working together.

The second night, Rex found the ruins of a town and we set up camp there.

Me: I’m going to use some of this stone to build a wall.
Me: Aaagh!  I fell in water.  I’m stuck!  Crap!
Me: [drowns to death]
Me: Why is there a giant hole filled with water under our base?
Rex: That was a well.  I covered it up before you got here.
Me (irritated): I’m going to live somewhere else.  This place is a dump.
Rex: I’m coming with you.
Me: No.
Rex: Please!  Please dad!  Please let me live with you!
Me: Fine.

Night three we established a permanent base in a village.

Me: You’re going to keep this place neat and not punch holes in the wall or let animals wander in.
Rex: I’m putting our beds next to each other!
Me: Umm… okay.  I’m going to get some supplies.  I’ll be right back.

When I come back I see that Rex has filled the house with furnaces.  There’s like 30 of them, and not even in lines, just randomly placed, so that you can’t even walk without jumping around.

Rex: Look, dad, furnaces!


Me: Do you want to go mining or do you want to stay around our house and farm?
Rex: I’ll stay home.
Me: Okay, I’ll get you iron and coal and stuff.  You should get some animals and put a fence around them so that we have food.
Rex: Sounds good.

[2 minutes later]

Rex: I punched a villager!

[3 minutes later]

Me: Hey, I see that!  Stop taking stuff out of my chest!

[4 minutes later]

Rex: Did you know that emerald ore is the rarest ore in the game?  My friend Liam likes to play creative mode.  The Ender Dragon has 1500 hit points…

[15 minutes later]

Me: Why are you sleeping?  You didn’t even build the animal pen.  Do you have *any* food yet?

Rex: I have a potato…

Me: I’m not giving you all this iron for one lousy raw potato.

Rex: [hits me with his shitty stone sword]  Sorry, I was trying to, uh, mine there.

Me: [pours lava on Rex’s head]

Rex: MOM!!!


14 thoughts on “Nice Rack

  1. “OTOH I feel that when I do these I tend to widen my stance, go unrealistically low bar & in other ways make it less specific and more like a Paul Anderson back lift.”

    This is exactly what I found when doing bottom squat partials. I start out failing with like 225, then turn it into an extreme sqhuatmourning/backlift combination and pile on the plates.

    Bottom position benches hurt my shoulders and I found the same be true for these as for BP squats, i.e. what I end up doing doesn’t really resemble a bench press. So I don’t do them anymore.

    PL2Win is a pretty great site, I think I found it via your blog.

    • yeah i’ll talk more about pl2win. Bench arching, knee sleeves, sumo form, these are all things I learned more about from that site. plus i like how he has videos *and* text. I have no patience for most videos and most other powerlifters can’t read so something for everyone.

      I know what you are saying about rack benches. I make sure to get set like i’m doing a real bench press w/arch, tightness, proper bar position etc, which is essential. But at the same time, I agree that the super-low kind (like where you have to wiggle underneath & breath in) is bad for the shoulder as you have to start cold from the most vulnerable point (cf most machines)

  2. I’m glad you get the Minecraft thing. My two kids play it and I just don’t get it. You, however have put it in a way I might be able to get it. As for lifting, your numbers are impressive. Mine,not so much these days, but Madcow is getting me back to where I was when I was in my 20’s.

    • there’s a long list of things that I hated at first and then grew to love. Minecraft, powerlifting2win, my wife wait that’s the other way around anyway.
      yeah, this kind of falls under the category of like an anti-drug zealot smoking crack secretly.
      at least it’s a way to spend time together that we both enjoy

      • Dont forget, the point of a game isn’t to win. It’s to have fun. We’ve had to remind ourselves of this with our board game group a couple of times.

          • Lol.

            To be fair, in many games winning IS fun. But sometimes you have to just say fuck it to keep everyone happy, or your victory comes at the cost of everyone hating you or getting sick of the game.

        • no Rex really really enjoys playing minecraft with me despite the squabble depicted. and he is one of the sorest losers of all time. It’s funny that 2-3 year olds are pretty bad. And then 4-5 year olds go into some kind of losing latency period where they don’t mind so much. But then 6-7 year olds MUST win or they go into hysterics. We’re working on this.

  3. Coach I have a random thought that would probably be more appropriate for mopeilitywod, but what’s with older people and pissing wherever the hell they feel like it?

    Today an Asian man pissed right on the grass at the Asian market behind the store while I was picking rosehips, he didn’t even enter into the woods, just got out of his car, pissed next to his car, left. Didn’t seem to care/notice I was there. Was about 40-50 years old. To be fair, the bathroom at the Asian market was out of order.

    But old people piss a lot in public. My dad was at his office and went to take a piss right behind his office in the parking lot, but the he was like 30-40 feet away from his own office with an actual toilet. My friend’s dad, I had to stop him from pissing in public when visiting someone’s house to move furniture. Both have no prior military service, so it’s not like “well in Vietnam we pissed wherever, so….” or anything like that.

    Why do old guys not care where they piss anymore? Have they always not cared where they pissed? Was there a time one could piss anywhere you wanted, toilet or not? Do they have no fear of arrest or law enforcement?

    Me, today, I waited about one hour to take a piss, and here these old guys are just pissing wherever the hell they feel like it.

    Can you explain this?

    • yes. once i was walking down the sidewalk and a woman who was about 90 yrs old was walking the other way pushing a shopping cart. She was wearing a dress. suddenly she stopped and peed leaving a puddle, then continued walking. i suspect she was homeless.
      but i will try to cover this seriously in an upcoming post/comment

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