This big redhead guy (6’1, 220-230?, looks like he lifts) guy pulled up in a sweet Mustang.  People around here have great cars btw.  Yesterday there was this giant intimidating pickup with like rivets and futuristic stuff coming off of it; I’m not good at describing vehicles but it looked like something that a Terminator might drive.  Except that everyone in the gym was laughably wimpy, or old, or a lady, so I never found out whose it was.

Anyway the guy parked in front of the squat rack (ceiling-to-floor) window.  That’s the same place black future truck parked, and a yuppie guy with an expensive looking sports car (also black) parked in the last few days.  I, on the other hand, park my POS subaru on the other side of the gym.  Like I want to be squatting and staring at that thing and thinking about should I get transmission fluid stop-leak, or better yet, “I’m driving that but wasting my life in here.”

At the time I was the only person in the weight room so I had 3 sets of 45s on the squat at that point and 2 on the bench, leaving only one other set, which I was already planning on using.  He came in and started standing around looking unhappy.  I figured that he just wanted to do the hammer plate loaded chest press or something (also there are 5×35 lb plates was using 4, so hope you like 25s).

But no, I asked him if he wanted to squat, and shockingly, he said yeah and had I ever heard of Smolov?  I asked him what week he was on, and he said 3.  But he missed a week bc he had a staph infection and was on medications that he couldn’t work out while taking.

Working in together went pretty good even tho I was already @ 365.  He warmed up on the Smith machine which should tell you something but it’s fine.  He asked about my knee sleeves but nothing further.  And there was kind of a problem bc he’s about a foot taller than me so we had to keep moving the bar, but he generally just returned it lower for me, or a couple of times, I helped him raise it up. 

He did like 285x3x5? 305xsome, 325xsome.  All were pretty high.  I did see him do something with 365 but it may have been intended to be a half-squat (it was definitely higher than 285 but maybe he was cutting 325 that short too I didn’t really pay attention)

The funny thing was that we had a lot in common in terms of the military: I’m wearing an Army shirt, he was wearing a green shirt like I wore for a few months until I needed the thickness of the gray.  And I think a dogtag but like clipped to his headphones or something.  (if this sounds weird it’s I wasn’t like staring at him – he’s a guy – it might not have even been a dogtag; whereas I can tell you exactly what the two pudgy but maybe after a few beers mid-twenties chicks on the treadmill across the gym were wearing) He was in the Air Force and wants to go back in as a TACP.  We were in Iraq at the same time.  He was an MP but did missions and such.  He was attached to an Army unit, we had Air Force guys attached to our unit and at one time I was attached to an Air Force unit.  (we were on opposite sides of the country though maybe we were in Baghdad at the airport on the same day once who gives a fuck, anyway).  So we talked quite a bit about that and the Y, and about the other local gyms.

Hopefully I will never see him again.

Weight: 170.2

Squat: …410; 345×3, was gonna do 2×2 but no time because talking about ISIS and how you gotta be either a professional (Western military & law enforcement in general) or a fanatic (jihadists, Viet Cong), or both (though it’s tough to think of a group that is/was both – maybe the Israeli Army, the Wehrmacht, or hypothetically a modern Western military defending its own territory, or maybe the better Confederate units?), but if you are neither (Iraqi police & army) it’s not gonna go well for you.

Bench: …305x3x2; was gonna do another set, maybe a single, but we were talking about Iraqi police/army and how shitty they are except for the old Republican Guard survivors who are hardcore in an Iron Sheik/Hitler combination sort of way.

Sumo Speed pulls: 355x1,2; was gonna do a few more singles or doubles but we were talking about how the Air Force was “laying off” officers in 2006 literally paying dudes off to quit the military who wanted to stay in, while everyone in the Army was desperately trying to get out and we were filling our units with sailors and airmen and random personnel like cooks (who btw were actually great at running convoys – best I ever seen – a lot better than the way they ran the chow halls back in the states)

Time: Only about 1:25 but it should have taken like 1:15


20 thoughts on “Jared

  1. Meeting people and making friends at the gym is fun. Me and Indian dude talked last night. Today this one guy who’s a natural bodybuilder (as in actually competitive) who I last saw about 2 years ago and got some initial advice from (which I ignored, but now find it useful) was back at my gym and he spotted me for benching 145×10. I like him, he’s a very kind and helpful person.

    Also, Candito’s program is basically 10/8/6 but for 3 weeks, then 3 weeks of heavier triples to singles. Very interesting.

    Also once I hit a double bodyweight high bar squat, I might switch to 5/3/1 2 day a week for busy pussies, or one day a week for people who should kill themselves. Which do you recommend? Right now on Mr. Candito’s program I’m in the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours.

          • Run continuous cycles. I’m not gonna run continuous cycles because fuck that. But I figure it’d be good to do in six week blasts with a month or so break in between. So run this for six weeks, then spend a month doing box jumps and lunges and shit like that.

          • Also Candito himself says sometimes he uses his linear program over again, but does lift variants he doesn’t normally do when he’s not peaking for a meet. IE, now he says he’s running his linear program using high bar Olympic squats and sumo deadlifts because he normally uses low bar and conventional deadlifts.

            Maybe if I don’t die from this periodized program, I’ll run the linear program with low bar squats and see what I can eek out of them? As I’m a stronger low bar squatter, just I don’t really like low bar squatting nor did I ever really program it besides trying to work to a max triple every week for a month or whatever.

          • I would just do variations on light days. E.g. high bar squats when the program calls for light weights and low bar when it calls for heavy weights. Or alternate close and normal grip bench.

            Another good idea would be to use 90-95% of your actual maxes for the program maxes.

  2. coach, just wanted to say this: the band you sent me has been invaluable for improving my shoulder health. after using the band for some time, my shoulder pain has completely disappeared and my military press is slowly increasing (without any discomfort).

    a heartfelt thank you from rainy scandinavia.

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