I promised the Swede a good post.  It will include:

  • The guy who asked me if I did crossfit.
  • The guy who asked me what church I went to.
  • Antics involving my in-laws, who live with us.  Or we live with them – it’s complicated.
  • Good Thing #3’s underwear
  • My wife’s tragic attempt to make friends with one of the moms at my son’s Cub Scout meeting.
  • What the house painter really meant when he banged on the front door and demanded “Wall Spray”

But that will come tomorrow.

Today you must be content with a bunch of mediocre workout logs:


Weight: 171.8

Squat: up to 365; 265,270×3

did all the sets except for 355 outside of the rack.  My knee hurt when I did 355 but not when I did 365.  it’s that fucking rack and descending too slow trying to hit it.

Bench: …290x3x2

Sumo+Lite Band: …335

Time: 1:22


knee was painful so skipped saturday and sunday the gym is closed. 

Weight: 174.8

Squat: … 275,280,285 x 3

Bench: …290x4x2

Sumo+avg: …290

Time: 1:10


Weight: 172.2

Squat: …370; 290,295×3

Bench: … 290 x 2,2,2,2,2,1

Sumo+strong: … 260

Time: 1:32


Weight: 171

Squat: …375; 300×3

Bench: …295x2x2

Sumo: …440

Time: 1:38  i blame the fat soccer mom who was doing leg presses with 315.  The gym only has 6 sets of 45s.  I had 2 on the bench, 2 on the squat, she had 2 on the leg press.  I needed to jump from 305 to 330 on the squat.  Is she using the leg press?  Oh good she’s done.  Oh no, wait, she’s supersetting it with six other exercises.  Well, I’ll ask her if she’s done.  Oh, wait, she’s talking to someone else.  I’ll just use a 35 and a 10, and… Oh never mind, she’s done…no…etc etc.


20 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. If I see weights on a bar and nobody clearly using it I usually consider them fair game. This is because a sizable portion of the people in uni gyms are lazy and don’t put shit back and they actually are fair game. How many people do you yell at for taking your benge when supersetting?

    Ruin or personOfSize or Hsilly, or anyone else who is aware when it comes to belts, I’m gonna get a belt in the next couple of weeks. Pls advise.

    • Cheap made-in-Pakistan belt from ebay. Should not cost more than $10. I posted a pic of such a belt in one of the older comment threads.

      This is the only kind of belt I’ve ever used and I have found it more than adequate. There are probably better deluxe belts out there (levers, buckles, servomechanisms, etc.), but I haven’t used them so no comment.

      • I’ve been telling myself I would once I stop squatting babby weight, but I’ve been a little stuck, and having issues maintaining tightness/stability past 2-3 reps, so I figure it couldn’t hurt.

    • 1. didn’t reveal that 225 of the 315 and a sweaty gym towel draped over the seat were left by the person before her, and she asked me if I was using it before she started. So i couldn’t play dumb i.e fair game. BTW, NOBODY but me racks their weights EVER at this place I have never seen such a thing except maybe at the high school gym the day before I started working there.

      2. I am very submissive, if I was just getting started. If someone unloaded, say, 135, I’ll just stroll over and ask if I can work in with no mention that I was previously using it. Sometimes they realize and apologize. Other times not. OTOH if I have like 275 on there and my wraps are draped over the bar, and I see them taking a collar off out of the corner of my eye, as soon as I rack the squat bar I sprint over there to correct them. But if there are no free benches I’m amenable to working in even if they are doing like 65 lbs., as long as they feel like putting that shit back off and on. It’s easier than on squat rack where usually there’s a height difference too.

      3. Ignore Fatman with his Dicks Sporting Goods Neoprene Weider Special. He’s like celica saying eating berries is as good as steak or duct tape is as good as an oil change.

      this is almost exactly what I have:

      I don’t know what brand mine is cause i bought it used but the sizing is the same (i.e. my waist is probably 33? now and I’m on the tightest hole which is too loose) – and the comment about the loop that holds the excess belt being too close to the buckle rings true as well, but i’m pleased as punch with mine.

      also btw anyone who says 2 prongs is too cumbersome probably also finds shoelaces too cumbersome. and a lever belt is just ridiculous.

    • I got a best belt. 2.5″ single prong.I would have got a 3″ but they didn’t make them when I got it.

      It works fine, I have a short torso and find 4″ belts uncomfortable, but ive been thinking about getting one anyway cause I’m a tryhard like that. The narrow belt is great for deadlifting.

      Only other belt I have experience with is the harbinger Velcro one from Amazon. It was fine but it got too loose on me so I got a nice one instead.

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