Twelve-dollar deadlift.

I had to go to the gym at 9 AM today.  It was pretty busy (like 10 cars in the parking lot). It was all old people, the same oldsters who were there Saturday.  There was also an aerobics class finishing up with more old people.  Which made me realize something – I may be the youngest male to lift at this gym.  (at least as far as I’ve seen, I’ve never gone at 7 AM, 5 PM, or 8 PM)

The most interesting people there was a couple, maybe in their late 50s.  The guy wears bright blue spandex shorts.  He hikes them up real high too – or maybe they are designed that way for some kind of girdle effect.  Either way, pretty serious bulge.  He has a mustache.  He is in okay shape.  I suspect he may have been a porn star in the 70s.  His workout is the usual machines and some DB curls sitting on the stability ball.

His wife is blonde, short hair, black shirt, black spandex pants, like 5’8.  She kind of looks alright if you see her through a mirror that’s reflecting another mirror.  When you look closer, you see that she has kind of a gut, and kind of a fat ass too, and also kind of an ugly face.  That’s as good as it got today though, sorry, unless you like octogenarians.

Oh, forgot to tell you: There’s a van of not-too-bad looking women 30s-40s that come on Tuesday afternoons and do cardio for like 5-10 minutes under the tutelage of a woman who then leads them in an aerobics class.  I thought they might have been a church group

“NEW – First Baptist Mom’s Workout Hour!! Take a mid-day break to unwind and shape up!  Leave your kids in our child care area.   Free transportation to the YMCA, where certified trainer Mildred Johnson will lead you in a structured…etc”

I also thought they might be some kind of jail/halfway house.  But they look more like soccer moms, and, well, they are all white in a county that’s majority black.

Turns out my second guess is closer and they are from some recovery program.

Anyway, this is the possibly the most boring blog post I’ve ever made.  I guess Tuesday, I’ll bring some drugs or booze to the Y and try to lure one of the chicks into relapse and a romantic locker room encounter, or maybe bend her over the foosball table.  Honk.

Weight: 172

Squat: up to 355; 245,250×3

knee felt great when I took like 5 steps back and squatted outside the rack, which I did on all but my heaviest 3 sets.  On those, I think I descended too slowly so as not to crash into the “pins” at high speed.  Will try to do all but 360 outside the rack tomorrow.

Bench: 285×2,2,3,3

Thought I got 11, but realized only 10 right after I unloaded the bar completely.  Said fuck it.

Sumo: 435

Got a pair of deadlift slippers when I ordered my knee sleeves.  One pull with 365 and I knew that these were a no-go for sumo, as you need to push against the sides of your shoes and these are basically socks with a thin thin rubber sole.  It’s fine.  I can use them as slippers around the house.  They make me feel like a ninja and so I’ll probably be roundhouse kicking a lot when I wear them.  My chucks make me feel like crip-walking btw.  (oddly enough my squat shoes do too; it may have a lot to do with the music I listen to)

Time: 1:23


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