SBD Knee Sleeves and Home Gym

So, bought these. Yeah laugh about the price, fuckers.  Here a guy sells me on them.  I had a hard time deciding what size to get.  My right calf is 16.5 inches.  My left calf is 15.5 inches.  (“if calves are larger than knee please substitute this measurement with your calf circumference”) Both my knees are 14 inches.  So I got medium.  You have to buy a 2-pack, unfortunately.

They were fairly easy to put on, especially because I was sliding them on over my high socks, not my sweaty hairy legs.  Nowhere near as difficult as the guy in the vid (nb he says his are “two sizes too small”). 

Either he tells the story, or I read it somewhere else: Russian lifters were using plastic bags and 2 helpers to put these on, so the IPF now requires you to put them on by yourself.  If I do a meet in the near future, I’ll probably get a pair of smalls.

They helped a bit.  I did go 5 lbs heavier than Sat even tho I don’t usually max after a day off.  It’s not really a max because I’m still figuring things out.  My knee hurt a little so I was trying to figure out the problem.  Part of it is that I’m going down too slow, which makes me kind of lean to one side.  I suspect I’ve been doing this for years, which, along with a twenty-year-old knee injury (torn acl & meniscus) is why one of my legs is bigger than the other.  (Right thigh is an inch bigger too).


Weight: 172.2

Squat: up to 345; 205-225×3

Bench: …285×2,2,3

Sumo+avg: 4 sets, up to 275

Time: 1:26  

Likely going to buy the following items for a garage gym.  Right now, the plan is to get the rack, weights, and one bar.  If I like the bar, I will buy another one, if not, then a different one, so that I can do 2 exercises superset style.  Just gonna be doing squat, deadlift and btn press – no immediate plans to buy a bench until I get kicked out of the Y or, more likely, it closes because I’m the only person who lifts there.  This way I can lift on Sundays and do 2x a days.

If you have any input, I’d be glad to hear it.  I have Prime btw.


(no reviews but on other places their regular rack got good marks)

or this:


want one that’s 28 mm or so, not 30-31.


prob just one pair for deadlifting and then use a bunch of 35s like I do at the gym

Floor Mats:

for under the squat rack.

for to deadlift on (it’s the 4’x8′ one)

I am gonna check Lowes and local farm stores for horse stall/trailer mats btw.

Weight Tree:

Though I’m kinda unsure since I’m gonna have mostly 45s.  Maybe I can get some kind of pegs to hang weights on the racks.


45 lb plate for $45 shipped is pretty damn good.  Will start with about 500 lbs and maybe get more.  Walmart is selling the CAP plates with the grip holes for $36 but reviews indicate that the quality control is absurd, like visibly different diameters and weight differences from like 39-48 lbs. 


for deadlifts so I don’t fuck up my loc-tites

cool, now I can close all my open browser tabs with that stuff in it.


22 thoughts on “SBD Knee Sleeves and Home Gym

  1. Good selection of items, I prefer J hooks, but for the price…Try Craigslist for mats and trees, hell you might even find some weights and bars as well. You just have to pick them up.

  2. I sometimes wear those Ace or whatever knee sleeves that cost $3 at Walmart. One time I got some blue generic ones for $1 at Dollar Tree. But those sucked and weren’t very tight at all.

  3. For the floor mats, you can buy a horse stall mat for a bit cheaper than an actual gym mat. It’s the same shit. Judging by the craigslist ad you almost certainly have a farmer’s supply store near you.

    Ok so I just saw you’re aware of that. Leaving this here anyway so I’m not typing out a whole comment then erasing it.

    You should build some squat stands LOL.


    You have a TSC in Meridian.


    It’s cheaper with free shipping direct from Titan. I have to assume you absolutely need a short rack?

    Last, you should think about the cap ob-86b instead. It doesn’t have a center knurling but all the reviews I’ve read are good and they say it’s pretty damn sticky even without it. This is from a bunch of people low bar squatting with it. It also saves you $50.

    The whole “1000 vs 1500” capacity is misleading. The tensile strength on this is better than the one you were looking at.

    Another thing is the bumpers. I’ve had a bad experience with those bumper plates with just the steel ring like that in the center rather than a whole disc. I mean, you don’t drop your deadlifts or do olympic lifts or anything, but personally I’d spend a little more on a slightly better set of bumper plates if you are going to use all iron weight. Maybe use the money you’d save on the bar on better bumpers? Of course, I’m being hypocritical since I’ll probably skimp and get the cheaper bumpers and pray.

    what else…uhh depending on how much your time is worth, I’d SERIOUSLY consider bargaining on craigslist for weight. You can usually get a big set of weight for 50c/#. I don’t know how much weight you plan on buying, but that can be significant and it might be worth driving an hour or two(round trip) to pick that up. I noticed there are a couple of play it again sports about an hour and a half from you. They generally sell old iron for 60c/#, so that might be worth it too.

    Oh yeah, why not just get a bench? I mean you have the power rack already.

    That’s the one I’m going to get. Good reviews and a weight limit way higher than I’ll ever need.

    • Yeah, if you’re getting all the other stuff you might as well get a bench too and do all your lifting at home. The equipment you’re buying is better than the one at the Y anyway.

    • I like how I said “last” like, 1/3 of the way into the post.

      Something else I forgot is if you do get the shorty cage, let me know how it is. I’m considering it because with the platform under the rack, it’s going to be a close thing in the apartment for a full sized rack I think.

      Also, I forgot to say why I didn’t like the cheap bumpers. What happened to the set I use is(pretty quickly, within a couple of weeks actually) the center ring started wearing down the rubber and getting all loose. Now it kind of sits inside the metal sheathe and the bumpers wiggle a TON around it. Ofc these bumpers were used by every tom dick and harry at the gym, probably dropped from overhead and such. Also they are 25# and not 45#, so there’s that. But yeah, I’d feel pretty dumb if the same thing happened and it could be avoided by spending $75 more now instead.

    • good thoughts. thanks. I owe you

      1. got a tractor supply place nearby like you said (i don’t live IN meridian btw) You saved me money there.
      2. will buy that bar. i saw it but thought it was 31 mm, you saved me more money.
      3. saw that thing about the bumpers. did see the ring thing mentioned on some reviews, will consider seriously upgrading.
      4. weights: I’ll give it another shot but I’m really not keen on driving 4 or 5 hours, we’ll see.
      5. bench: hmmm maybe. i’m kind of not sure about being able to bench in the rack in between squat sets even with an extra set of j-hooks, due to like bumping my ass on the bar so would probably eventually pay like $600 for a real nice bench that is separate like the westside one from rogue??
      otoh i guess i could just get another power rack and a bench like that one for cheaper.
      6. I don’t *need* a short rack. ceiling is 8 feet – floor mats – another inch or two . garage door is 7 but stuff can be assembled or leaned in. should i get a taller one? the shorter ones were cheaper.
      the titan rack is cheaper on titan but you gotta i think still pay a 75 dollar freight charge and they only deliver to a commercial facility? i can call/email them to see the deal. i did see that free shipping button on the right.

      • Shipping is free on Titan’s site, go to the end of checkout and they take it out.

        Taller rack is heavier so more stable. Also probably can’t press inside the six footer I guess. Doesn’t matter if you are bolting the rack but if not it could make a difference. Also good reviews on the taller one I guess.

        As for benching, just buy a second bar/more weight and another set of hooks. Squat inside, bench outside.

        • re shipping: sweet and prob will get the big one.
          if the rack depth is 24″ how do you not hit the bench bar with your ass or have be like a deadly obstacle in case of miss.
          or wait, are you saying put the bench bar in the *front* of the rack?

          • Yeah, though now I realize with your training style it might not be the greatest idea to bench outside of a rack. Though you’ve been making sure not to miss at the Y right?

            Also, this assumes the titan has holes on both sides of the rack, didn’t even look though I’ve never seen a rack that didn’t.

          • @hisl
            I think it does have em on both sides, too lazy to check.

            I make sure not to miss at the Y, it’s pretty good. I know it’s not safe though i mean something could just give, rip, tear, the bar could break in half. on the other hand if i do go a bit past my limit which I haven’t yet, I can arch/bounce it the last half-rep. I hope. what do you do when you’re all alone and the bar is stuck on your chest – besides scream? I guess you gotta choose between 1) rolling it down your ribs to your hips and sitting up, 2) tipping it to one side for a monumental crash, or 3) flinging it back over your head and diving for cover
            probably #1 is what I would do. although – maybe I could do 3a and put my feet on the bench and arch way way up and try to get it onto the lowest pins without losing my face.

            but yeah, i think if i get something to bench at home it will be something expensive-ish and totally safe with lots of holes so i can choose the perfect height to set the racks and be able to touch my chest w/o interference, but if I miss, like drop my arch and exhale and wiggle out.

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