Y, Knee.

Training at the Y

This is a very enjoyable gym to train at.  It reminds me of a high school weight room. Kinda grungy, shitty machines, and signs everywhere.  My two favorites: “Mirror Broken – Be Careful of Jagged Glass” and “Use IRON collars with free weights.”  The second is funny because there are no iron collars (see Good #4) and the sign is now yellow with age.

The good:

1. There is an average of 0.7 people training while I’m there.  On Friday there was no one else there.  Saturday was the busiest day, there were four other people.

I’ll describe everyone who I’ve seen exercising except one person(see Good #3) : fat lady, old lady, black guy with skinny legs, firefighter guy in his late 40s, other guy in his late forties, other two old ladies, old guy with gray beard and confederate tattoo, decent black chick about my age or older with an SUV with sweet rims and a license plate that says “LIL BIT”

2. The only employee is a gray bearded guy.  He sits at the desk and pays no attention to me besides saying “hello” and “goodbye”.  He gets up to clean the locker rooms, check the mail, etc, and does these things at exactly the same time every day.  He wears the same clothes every day (I assume he has several sets).  He has never gone into the weight room to see what I was up to, nor has even, as far as I can tell, looked through the window in the door.  IOW, he’s my favorite gym employee of all time.

3. There’s a hot girl who trains there.  She is a brunette, and I would guess about 19?  She might be younger.  But I don’t think high school, because she trains in the early afternoon.  Maybe she’s homeschooled?  She walks to the gym – I see her coming through the window (see Good #8) – so she must live close.  She wore a basketball or baseball or softball shirt one day.  And she had high socks just like me!  One day she was doing mule kicks (the aerobic exercise where you go on all fours on a mat and kick one leg back and feel the glute burn) and her shorts rode up and I could sorta see her inner/upper thigh area.  I came in that day just as she was finishing.  The other time she came after me and did cardio for a half hour then a bunch of (pretty shitty but she’s a girl) chinups.

4. They have numerous sets of black Muscleclamps.  Usually at most gyms these are beat to shit from people dropping cleans (Wo, do you guys use Muscleclamps, lol) or because the sleeve diameter is slightly too big (fucks up the collars) or too small (makes you think the collars are fucked up)

5. There is nobody else who does anything remotely like powerlifting, weightlifting, or crossfit.  I can use the bench and the squat at the same time and nobody cares.  A couple of guys do curls, that’s the only free weights.  Some people must use the equipment in the evening, though, because they leave their weights on the bars (205 lb squat with puss pad but no collars huzzah)

6. The other people seem vaguely friendly, but do not talk to me.

7. The bars are okay.  They’re a little thick for deadlifting, but it’s fine.  They have no rings in the knurling (besides the center smooth section, of course).  It’s funny because Anytime Fitness has one of these bars, and the no-chalk gym has 4-5.  Never seen them anywhere else ever.

8.  The squat rack does not face a mirror.  It faces a window so I can look out at a highway and someone’s house/yard across the street.  I line up with their mailbox.

The okay

1. The squat rack is a half rack and the safety pins aren’t the adjustable kind (which scare me) but they’re shorter than Anytime’s (though longer than the 6 inch ones in SC).  For some of my sets I just step out of the whole thing.  For heavier ones I have to be aware that I’m lined up right.

2. The bench is the same one as at No-Chalk.  But I’m getting used to how the bar can move in the rack.  It’s possible to lift off any weight to myself (only limited by my desire to live).

The bad

1. There is no one to spot me.  And if I ever had some kind of unexpected failure my corpse would rot in there before anyone found me.  Because I can’t go to bench max, I just do reps every day (and don’t do BTN anymore)

2. That girl (Good #3) hasn’t shown up in like three days.

3. There are no other lifters, so no one gives a fuck about me, and I get a tiny bit lonely.  In retrospect this should probably go in the Good list.

4.  There’s a shortage of plates.  There are, I think, 8 sets of 45s.  Which is marginal.  I’m fine – unless someone else wants to use any, say for leg press or hammer chest press.

5. It’s not open on Sundays.  I think I’m going to still get home gym stuff but scale it down.   I thought about rogue squat stands and bumpers but will probably go with $250 amazon power rack and steel plates (and one or two sets of 45 lb bumpers so I can do deadlifts)  Maybe I will start doing 2x a day workouts

My knee

My left knee hurts in the upper inner knee cap area.  Not real bad, like sometimes halfway up on squats, and when going up and down stairs.  I tried a lot of different squat positions and now I’m doing high bar squats with the bar low.  Also got a set of SBD knee sleeves (IPF legal for raw).  Today it stopped hurting almost totally.

So this is why things are a little fucked up with my squat right now, relax.


Squat: up to 405; 360,365,370×2

my knee felt fine at this point i was a little nervous with the squat rack and only went to 405

Bench: 280×3, 285×2

Sumo+avg: 265

Time: 1:20


Weight: 172.8

finally got my scale working.  good thing ipf/uspf weight class is 163 now and you have to make it that morning.  assholes

Squat: up to 410; 365×1, 315×1

then my knee really hurt after that 365

Bench: 280×2,3, 285×2

Sumo+strong: 250

Time: 1:30  (a lot of time messing around squatting with the bar and 135)


Weight: 174

Squat: up to 335; 225x2x3

this was with low bar, close stance, but sitting back.  Still hurt a little.  225 hurt a lot.  Tried chucks again, also hurt.

Bench: 280×3, 285×2, 290×2, 295×1

Sumo: 430

Time: 1:35


Weight: 175.4

Squat: up to 340; 135×4, 145×3, 155×3

squatted high-bar (but with bar low on back) and all felt good.  starting a new bolding

Bench: 280×2,2,2,3

Sumo+monster: 355

Time: 1:30


Weight: 173.4

Squat: up to 345; 165,175,185,195×3

Bench: 280×3, 285×2, 290×2, 295×3 (had a spotter on that last one)

Sumo+lite: 330

Time: 1:25


12 thoughts on “Y, Knee.

  1. I gotta say, having a power rack with adjustable stuff has made my training a lot better even in just maybe 2 weeks of it existing at my gym. Oh well, welcome to never ever ever missing a squat.

  2. Have you tried some simple stuff like the couch stretch for your knee pain?

    Sorry to hear about it. My knee never hurt while actually lifting weights, it was only afterward/pretty much my whole life other than that hour 3x a week.

    • couch stretch is more for your hips i thought. gave it a try, but nah.
      simple quad stretch like celica said seems to be best. i do that between sets sometimes and it seems to help i guess maybe

  3. Enjoy reading of your observations. I have a similar attitude at the gym,but I like to get in and get out. I worked out in a Y and the “strength” room was in the basement. Most of the time it was just me and this Bulgarian septuagenarian former Oly lifter who talked about the “old days in the old country.” “We did na hass weyzz. We leeft each udder.” Sometimes it was a bunch of city cops who told me I was doing everything wrong. Anyway, keep up the musings. Like the banner pic too. American Psycho is a great read and view.

  4. I fail to see why you don’t just spend the money and get everything you want? Why bother with shitty euipment when you can get your setup perfect for 1000$, and it will last for life. It’s not like you have anyone tracking your whereabouts and looking for any kind of reckoning…

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