Celica and my wife were right.

celicaxx on September 12, 2014 at 5:54 am said:

Do YMCAs not exist down south?

I replied:

haven’t seen any. up north they are like fancy and expensive bullshit. […]

This morning when I woke up, Karena started going on about how we could get a family membership to the Y, and my son could take art class, or karate, or gym class there (he’s homeschooled), and they had a pool (my daughter likes to swim i.e. be carried in the water) and fitness and child care and military discount and family membership and blahblahblah.

I’m extremely cranky and unreceptive in the morning.  Until I’ve had my coffee and my breakfast I’ll admit that I’m a total asshole.  So I basically just yelled at her until she left the room.

Turns out:

1. There are 4 YMCAs within a half-hour drive.  Family membership to all of these is $32 a month.  (Compare to $36 for the lowest prices of the gyms – but you have to lock into at least a 12 month contract)

2. There is one Y that is five minutes away.  I visited in the early afternoon, when I will be typically working out.  It was totally empty besides the employee.  It had a bench and a half-rack (plus the typical nonsense), and a good sign was that the place was pretty used-looking. (You don’t want rusty stuff, totally mismatched plates, or stuff all over the floor; but a lot of the gyms that look too pristine are the kinds that object to heavy lifting and chalk).

3. They have an outdoor pool but it’s only open Memorial-Labor Day.  There is a Y twelve minutes away that has an indoor pool.  (It also has a weight room that was actually kind of busy at 3 PM but I’ll be lifting at the close one)

4. Hours are decent, but they both have a religious endowment with a stipulation that they are closed Sundays.

5. I apologized to my wife 3 times and probably will a few more tomorrow to be on the safe side.

6. I’m/we’re joining tomorrow.  Funny because the owner of the Anytime Fitness was supposed to be back today.  He had some medical or family issue, so the kid told me that he wouldn’t be in until Tues.  I’ve talked to this nerd Shawn every day about memberships, the owner, one-month deals, and today called to make sure the place was staffed so I could get in.  And now I plan never to go there ever again. 


found the bathroom scale; need to find a 9V battery.  It was in a box of guns.  My personal property consists of:

10% weight training equipment including workout clothes, shaker bottles, bands, etc.

20% office supplies – e.g. 500 file folders and 50 notebooks of nonsense

40% books

25% guns and gun accessories

5% clothes, toiletries, and other.

Squat: …365×2, 370×1, 375×2

BTN Press: …135×2,3,3,2,2

Sumo+Light band: 5 sets, up to 325

Time: 55 minutes wtf


6 thoughts on “Celica and my wife were right.

  1. Up next Coach’s wife says there’s no money for whey protein and recommends jam sandwiches pre and post workout. Coach squats 672 with veins on his abs and thanks his wife and Celica.

    But yeah, YMCA to me is like the obvious choice for a gym membership. I spent many afternoons at the YMCA as a kid. Was fun.

  2. As long as there is a squat and bench rack although I have been suffering from a lack of a Roman chair to do ham to glute? Glute to ham? Raises. Thinking about buying one for $150 and maybe a decline bench for $50 at a Walmart.

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