Missing Something…

The squat setup wasn’t so bad.  At a gym in South Carolina they had like 6 inch safety supports so you better not step too far back with your setup.  Faces a mirror.

The bench setup will take some getting used to.  Benching is possible but I gotta do a better job so I can lift off to myself.

Deadlifting is better because the floor is standard rubber mat, not linoleum.

Squat: up to 430, 380×2

Bench: up to 300, 255×3

Sumo+strong bands: 4 sets, up to 260

Time: 1:35

oh yeah – there is one barbell in the entire gym.  so i couldn’t superset deadlifts and benches as i planned.  hope nobody else wants to work out when i do.


12 thoughts on “Missing Something…

  1. Well, I only respond to the latest posts, so here’s my responses from the last one:

    1) LOTS of brands that put out a “isolate” product use a mix. It’s RIDICULOUS. You should double check, though I’m not sure the price difference between egg protein and whey isolate so it may not be worth it to even try if it’s about the same. trueprotein.com and all that.

    2) on chalk. I actually chalk everything. I chalk my hands and the squat bar. I also chalk the bench when I bench because I’ll slip if I don’t. Though I haven’t benched seriously in at least a year cause of a problem with my left shoulder. My gym doesn’t give a fuck about chalk residue thankfully. My theory is chalk is cheap, and I don’t know if it’s helping all the time, but fuck if I’m going to miss a lift because I didn’t want to waste $.00001 of chalk.

    3) Celbirex and deadlifting. You’ve DL 405, right? Sumo? Assuming you can hold a neutral spine with a belt, it will help your deadlifting, but it won’t help sumo as much as conventional because you aren’t as bent over. Second, chalk will only help if grip is what’s holding you back. Third, all ammonia is going to do is give you a headache or make you throw up if you aren’t used to it. I assume, I’ve actually never been near the stuff. Fourth, I’ve searched your log and I can’t for the life of me find the last time you’ve deadlifted. I only spent about 60 seconds looking though. Unless your strength has improved by an extreme amount, most people can’t pull a new limit lift after not touching a weight for months. You aren’t westside dave tate eating dbol in your corn flakes and pulling in the 800s with a suit. I also doubt chalk and a belt would add 50# to your deadlift alone anyway, but even less likely given your lack of practice.

    Lastly, it also depends on where you miss the lift to begin with. For me, I fail to get the bar off the ground or very, very shortly thereafter(like barely floating off the ground). I’ve never in my life missed a deadlift at or above the knees. So my limit is my limit, in that as soon as I go even 2.5# over that, the bar simply doesn’t budge.

      • I don’t think so. It’s not like there are huge clouds of chalk hanging over the squat rack or something. The only thing I’ll likely change is being more careful when applying it to my hands(I’ll use the giant ziploc bag and a towel that I mentioned) and I’ll just have to clean up the platform after I’m done squatting.

        As an added bonus, I get out of work a few hours before my wife, so I can do all my lifting and be done by the time she gets home to lift so I don’t have to worry about changing plates or hook heights or anything.

    • I’m pretty sure celicaxx is nowhere close to 450 (sarcasm is hard on the internet, I think he was being sarcastic). I could be wrong.

      • I’ve deadlifted 405 for one before in the winter or March/April somewhere around there. Back when Coach decided to first start lifting sumo I wanted to beat him for only one day so I decided I’d beat his 380 or whatever pull with a 405.

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