New Gym part 1

4 gyms within a 20 minute drive.  Checked them out on labor day.

1. open 24 hours, but unstaffed bc of the holiday.  one woman working out; i banged on the door but she ignored me.  probably because i looked like a drifter.  fogged up the windows: they seemed to maybe have a half-rack but might have been a smith machine. PASS.  Best part about this place was there was an actual bum in the parking lot darting around and lurking near by and I was hoping that he’d get within arms reach so i could punch him out.  he ran after my car as i drove off.

2. not too bad, a little busy.  only one bench press wtf.  got the tour where the lady kept trying to talk about tanning, yoga room, etc even though i kept repeating “NOT INTERESTED”  price kinda high (36 I used to pay 30).  They had a half-rack and a power rack.  The power rack was in the middle of a room all by itself; she said that it was the “trainers room” but i could use it if they werent.  Eh, i can imagine warming up then having some idiot trainer telling me to pop smoke so he could have his fat female client do rack presses.  And no recourse.  Got a free 3 day pass.  MAYBE, but probably not.

3. actually went to this place last, it was closed and came back the next day after my workout.  Some sort of crossfit box.  they had set times for open gym, but the guy said i could just take a squat stand and move it into another room if there was a class.  with military discount, the price was …$100 a month.  GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

4. the gym i picked, just bought a week pass for $20 as I try it out.  i’ll tell you about it in a subsequent post.  still considering building a home gym.

today after all the time off was pretty weak and took it easy

squat (used belt above 350 didn’t pull it so high, felt fine) …395, 405, 410×1

bench… 255,275,285,290,295×2

sumo+monster: 8 sets, up to 335×1

they had floor mat puzzle pieces which tantalized me until i realized that they were more foam than rubber and would have gotten paralyzed if i tried to stand on them and my feet slipped out

time: 1:45 (some time looking for things, and of course despite my best efforts, making friends with two employees who are powerlifters, more about them tomorrow also, but to warn you they are not very interesting in the sense that they seem pretty average and not nonsensical)

powerlift2s came today looking forward to wearing them tomorrow


17 thoughts on “New Gym part 1

  1. “Best part about this place was there was an actual bum in the parking lot darting around and lurking near by and I was hoping that he’d get within arms reach so i could punch him out. he ran after my car as i drove off.”

    You should go to this place for the sake of blog stories.

    You should try to haggle with the Crossfit folks and see if they’ll cut you a deal since all you really need is a bench and squat stand, instead of their jackass WOD coaching.

    Also, I’m doing the Bulgarian thing for real this time. Today will be day two. So if you have any words of wisdom they would be much appreciated.

  2. If I can manage to figure out the logistics of a home gym in a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC, you have no excuse. Of course, blog traffic will plummet as this basically becomes a training log.

      • well, we just did the measurements and such, haven’t installed it yet. But we did a budget(around 1k) and measurements and the wife is 100% on board, so it’s pretty much go time. We just have to pay off some debt from when she wasn’t working first. It will be done by the end of the year.

        We have a pretty big living room, so we’re going to use one side for a platform and rack and the other side for entertaining.

        Building a 8×6 platform. plywood from home depot, and rubber mats from either tractor supply or a fitness warehouse down the street.(~$150)

        buying a cap ob-86b barbell(~$130),

        weights and olympic db handles off craigslist($250 or so for 500#)

        Atlas power rack from on amazon, but a little cheaper there $335 with tax and shipping)

        dunno about which bench, but probably a rogue utility bench for $175.

        badabing. friend has recommended a little setup with airex foam pads and some extra rubber mats for deadlifting with a ton less noise and vibration. That might run me another $100 if needed.

        • Back in the day, a friend and I made a home gym in his basement. All we had was a bench (with extendable supports, so it could double as a squat stand from the other side), shitty exercise bars, plates and a pullup bar. Good times. Maybe I’ll do it again someday if I have a house with a large enough basement.

  3. You might like this song. It’s pretty hard.

    What else. I think any gym you go to you will find some way to tell stories about the people, so no need to spend $100 on a Crossfit gym.

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