Bickin’ back, bein’ bool.

Wt: 175.4

ribs feelin’ aight.  took 800 mg ibuprofen pre-workout.  sorry swede, aspirin doesn’t cut it for me, except for light headaches.  still, will try not to make this a consistent thing (maybe 600 mg tomorrow, then 400mg, 200, 0)

Squat: didn’t use a belt.  …325,335,345,355,365,375,385,395,405,415×1

415 hues Wo, and is a non-belted record for me, won’t dignify it by bolding though.

Bench: …275,285,290,295,300,305,310,315×2

Sumo DL+monster: 280 off 5″ deficit  (no belt)

this was the bitch of the bunch.  should have been an easy pull but made me grimace in pain.  c-ya tomorrow.

Time: 1:50


4 thoughts on “Bickin’ back, bein’ bool.

  1. Hmph. 8 lbs above my max. From back in October. Geez.

    I should max my squat sometime, except I just got back from a week-and-a-half vacation, so I doubt I’d be setting any personal bests any time soon…

    Hopefully you give that rib enough time to recover.

    • it’s only a semi-hue, since squatting is kinda my sport. i’ll reserve the full hue and cry for when i accomplish something actually notable in powerlifting competition. or if i clean and jerk 350.

      i have to take about 5 days off when we move in a week.

      i think the two huge and overlooked factors in recovery from an injury (keep in mind that i’m not a faith healer or a hippie psychologist) are
      1) whether you have something imminent
      if u hurt yourself a week before a competition that is going to fuck u up way worse than normally. for me i like to train every day, so if i miss a day or can’t train hard it does fuck with me but not as much.
      2) whether you believe you’re “seriously damaged”
      i talked about this before when u hurt your back, but my ribs felt way better almost instantly after i decided that I didn’t have anything wrong with my gall bladder (::knocks on wood::) If you took 2 guys with the same injury, for example and told one that he “strained a muscle” and the other that he had “torn a tendon” or “herniated a disk” etc. i guarantee the first guy would heal quicker.

      remind me to tell you a funny and somewhat embarrassing hernia story l8r

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