Floating (Rib) Pain

Something always hurts, to the point that I’ve (mostly) stopped mentioning it in my blog.  Last week it was my left knee.  Now that feels fine, but for the last few days, my lowest ribs on my right side have ached.  I thought it was maybe that I strained an ab, but the pain is like just to the side of my upper ab.  Ribs are tender, though I guess (scarily) it could be the organs underneath, which seems to be the gall bladder.  I don’t think I have gallstones, as this didn’t hurt.  It hurts when I poke it or when I lift my arm over my head and arch to one side.  I figure as long as I keep hitting squat PRs, it can’t be too bad.  You can play doctor in the comments, but I figure the only thing worse than trying to diagnose yourself on the internet is having other people do it.

If I had to guess, it’s that I strained my intercostal or something between the ribs real scientific here.  No idea how.  I’m pretty sure I made it worse the last two days by hanging one-handed from the chinup bar between sets trying to “stretch it out.”

Wt: 173.8

Squat: …455,470,480; 380×3, 385,390,395×2

Bench: …340,350,355; 310×2, 315×2,3

Sumo: 375 off 5″

Time: 2:20

Mostly not my fault as Porter and crew were using the two good benches so I couldn’t start until like 45 minutes into my workout.  Emilio did a 345 lb board press with his new ipf legal fancy shirt.  Nancy, Porter’s wife did 200 something in her shirt, couldn’t care to look over.  My wife’s friend did like 150 raw at 132, but Porter basically curled the weight off of her.  When she and her husband came over here to play Munchkin one time, I called Porter a “charlatan” and an “idiot”.  Didn’t know that she trained with them frequently.  Whoops my bad.  Glad I’m moving.  It’s fine, she still is real friendly with me and comes over to interrupt my workout chat with me.  She’s doing her first PL meet in the near future.  It must be nice to be a chick and lift 150-120-240 and win your weight class and then post pics on facebook and feel good about yourself.

Except this conversation after Karena comes back from a walk with her:

Karena: [Friend] is not sure she’s going to do the meet bc of her knee.  (she had it scoped like 3 months ago)

Me: I saw her at the gym doing box jumps and walking lunges today.

Karena: Yeah, she banged up her shin when she missed a box jump.  She had a band-aid on it.

Me: I’m just saying why bother do that shit if you got a bad knee.  It’s not going to help your powerlifting – or your knees.

Karena: I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.  She’s a physical therapist.


8 thoughts on “Floating (Rib) Pain

  1. “She’s a physical therapist.”

    Squatting 10lbs more than your last meet, at a (much) lower bodyweight? I don’t think you know how this is supposed to work, man…

    Also, in your last post you mentioned you’ve started round-back deadlifting. Really? Really? That’s probably why your ribs hurt… (Half serious about that.)

  2. just assume the rib is a muscle issue until proven otherwise. watch out for jaundice (eyes especially). it’s probably nothing, though.

    the squatting numbers look good (wo said it much better in his comment above).

    I appreciate that you use words like “charlatan”. that’s the exact term I use to describe the swedish “nutritionist” fredrik paulún, who is tricking people into eating some pseudo-low carb diet while, at the same time, buying his fucking bread and cereals. what a fucking nut. also, pardon my language.

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