Keeping the streak alive

I’ve gotten into minecraft lately.  Not seriously – I don’t play it by myself; only when my son (7) is watching.  He plays sometimes, but he likes to play on “Creative Mode” which annoys the shit out of me because he’s invincible and he just wanders around.  He likes watching me play (survival mode easy, xbox360).  I use it as a motivator; for example, if he’s supposed to be cleaning his room, but he’s dawdling, I start up the X-box and sit on the couch and say something like “gonna go diamond mining,” and he’ll finish cleaning his room in like 10 seconds.

He gives me advice.  Most of his advice is arcane trivia (like how to enchant a sword – when I’m still hitting stuff with rocks), or nervous nelly-ness (“don’t go out at night! please, dad!”), but sometimes it’s good stuff, e.g. what I can build with the crap I find, or reminding me to put torches in a cave, and save my game.

The only problems:

1. Last night I was playing and died (i was running around at night, fell into a ravine, and a creeper blew me up).  This isn’t a big deal: You respawn in your house and can go back to where you died to pick up your items, or you can just reload the game. But he started crying hysterically.  Admittedly, it was bedtime, so he may have been over-tired, but my wife still looked at me and mouthed “What the Fuck?” (i.e. why is he sobbing, not why are you a shitty dad)

2. We can only play it if my daughter is sleeping, or eating in her high chair.  If she’s in her fenced-in “playyard” (which is like 8’x8′ and takes up 90% of our living room) she gets angry that no one is paying attention to her and starts throwing things.  Quincy is only 20 months old but she throws hard.  She’ll pick up big heavy toys and heave them at us where we sit on the couch.  The other day she hit me in the crotch with a plastic bongo drum.  She’ll throw board-books like they’re frisbees.  And she can wing her little wooden blocks across the whole room.  It’s just too dangerous.  She laughs like a maniac while she does this (until she runs out of stuff to throw – then she cries).  Until we stopped playing with her around, if this happened, Rex’s job was to bat the objects away before they hit me.  She throws about as well as he did when he was 5-6.  Not that he had a great arm, but still.  It’s a lot easier when a kid learns right from wrong before they can throw that hard (or roundhouse kick, etc)

wt: 174.4

Squat: up to 475; 375×3, 380,385×2 (7)

motivation to do a lot of volume drops quite a bit if i hit a new “PR” that day

BTN: up to 165, 167.5; 125,130×3, 135,139,144×2 (12)

kind of sick of behind the neck press.  not really; just sick of being stuck at 95% of BW.  may just do volume and not max, i dunno. 

Sumo+strong band: 6 sets, all PRs, up to 230 off 2.5″ deficit

almost time to order the heavy bands

lately I’ve been sumo deadlifting by still using a wide stance, but basically bending over at the waist with a round back, legs almost straight, and hauling it up.  it feels great and is a lot easier but a true test will be tomorrow when i use heavier weight and no bands

time: 2:15


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