Record Plates and Conflicting Orders


Wt: 174

Squat: up to 455; 410×2,2,1, 415×1, 420×1, 425×1 (8)

decided to do singles because doubles were too strenuous; keep reading to Thursday’s workout to see what conclusion i reached

BTN Press: up to 166; 120-135×3 (12)

My old coach at the sports science place is a big believer in record plates, and in his gym you can make any weight w/in a 1/100th of a pound.  Plates smaller than 2.5 lbs are essential for training little kids safely.  Brooks Kubik is generally for them, but says that some guys won’t like using them.  I used to use them, ignoring the futility of the endeavor (since the bars and plates vary widely in weight at commercial gyms).  I stopped because Broz said something like “they’re good if you’re a 12 year old girl”.    But I restarted on behind-the-neck press because:

1. I always use the same bar and bumper plates for my btn press

2. My btn press max is about what a 12 yr old girl might clean or snatch.

Sumo: 370 off 5″ deficit

a lot easier than previous weeks’ bandless sumos have been

Time: 2:10


wt: 175

Squat: up to 460; 415x3x1

now back to my old tricks

Bench: up to 330, 345; 285×3, 290×3, 295x2x2 (10)

no reason, just weak today

Sumo+monster: 275 off 5″ deficit, 290 off 4.5″

time: 2:10


wt: 175.4

Squat: up to 465; 365-385×3 (15)

BTN Press: up to 160, 165; 115-140×3 (18)

Sumo+lite: 260 off 5″, 280 off 4.5″, 315 off 4″

time: 2:10

okay, I think I’ve figured it out.  The problem is that I received two orders from Broz (i mean in reading his posts and an interview), but I could not simultaneously follow both of them

1. Drop down 20 kg…

2. …and start doing doubles and triples.

given the available workout time, either I do singles with 20kg less, or I drop down more weight.  It seems like the latter feels a lot more satisfying.  tomorrow, i’ll probably start with 370 and do that – triples till i can’t then doubles til i run out of time.


21 thoughts on “Record Plates and Conflicting Orders

  1. My master plan is to start using X sets and X reps. Then decrease a set per week but add 5lbs. By the end I’ll be maxing 900lbs in a year on my OHP. See you losers later.

    • that’s totally unrealistic. you should follow my plan which has been proven to work. i started off btn pressing 45 lbs and added 5 lbs per workout. I got up to 175 which is a 380% improvement. Time to turn your 405 deadlift into 1575.

          • I don’t get it, I thought Broz was against wasteful volume and that the idea was to drop down some weight and do a couple of triples or doubles. Not accumulate tons of volume.

          • @jackman: yeah i saw that bc I stalk DP. sometimes some of the workouts he posts are for other people, i.e. WODs for his gym. Like at the time he wrote a article it seemed to have little correlation to what he was actually doing (i emailed him but he never wrote back, kind of like your tinder “dates” ha) (except gay – hue)
            regardless, he has mentioned lately that he’s way more into the “daily max” than the volume. I personally like both. Broz: “both are important” can’t find the exact quote from scripture
            and my warmups are similar to that, but i don’t use percentages; i find that i differ from broz that after my first couple of sets singles are cool. i lift my best when i go for a pr on my 10th set.

            broz says
            A typical session to max might look like this:

            bar x 5 x 2 sets (warming up positions)
            70 x5 (possibly a 2nd set here as well depending on how fast and the overall positions)
            120×3 (possibly a 2nd set here as well depending on how fast and the overall positions)
            230×2 x 8

            btw in the same post he says he doesn’t like btn presses

            also note that if you count every single rep in that example, it’s 40 (compared to 16 in how i count volume) broz says his more experienced lifters go for 30-50 reps

  2. Looks like squats are feeling strong again! I definitely think there’s something to using multiple reps for your volume work, rather than singles. I suspect that, even if your overall tonnage is the same, the training stress is different.

    • IMO overhead pressing only carries over to bench pressing if your shoulders are weak and holding you back. So any bench gainz from improving your OH press are marginal at best (and vice versa).

      That said, I prefer BTN because it “grooves” the skill of scapular retraction, which is mildly useful for the bench press.

    • do your regular OHP instead of BTN. This is because it’s cool, because for most people there isn’t much correlation between OHP/BTN and their bench.

      I think there’s a good chance at me having a BW OHP by next spring. That would be nice.

    • i have done both and i think you should do the one that you enjoy more.
      i kind of got sick of overhead pressing for years, and I look forward to btn press even though i’m not very good at it. it feels nice almost like a stretch.

        • Another BTN press advantage is that you can’t lean back like in a front press and turn it into an incline bench without an incline bench. Some people can get away with this, but it’s probably one of the worst things you can do for your back. At least if you’re long torso’d like myself.

  3. I’ve never heard fractional plates be called “record plates” before, but I guess it makes sense.

    I use them for all my lifts now that I’m working off a strict percentage based program. I also use them for my wife’s benching because 5# jumps would be ridiculous.

      • lol.

        honestly, she doesn’t eat enough, but considering she is rotating a single lift each day, if she manages to get to the gym 3x/week, I don’t think she qualifies as doing the program in the first place.

  4. 1) I don’t know how I got here, but this blog is fucking hilarious; please never stop.
    2) Someone took a picture of me deadlifting. I showed it to my wife and her first comment was, “your legs look skinny”. fml.

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