Rear Double Bi (Sexual)

Here, to satisfy my Swedish selfie-taking soulmate, are some “transformation” pics:

feb 2012 rdb

Feb 2012

aug 2014 rdb

Aug 2014

Notes: I did a meet in Mar 2012, so I probably weighed about 190 in the top pic.  I dunno why i shaved my forearms (and chest) in the upper pic: I’ve done that only a handful of times in my life.  The tan line just below my traps in the lower pic is the squat callus (also an illustration of where I put the bar in a low-bar squat).

Wt: 173.8

Squat: up to 470; 370×3, 375x3x2

Bench: up to 335; 290,295×3, 300x4x2

Sumo+avg band: 245 off 5″, 255 off 4.5″, 275 off 4″

time: 2:10


12 thoughts on “Rear Double Bi (Sexual)

  1. Glutes or GTFO.

    But cereally, good work. It’s trippy how you look much bigger in the “after” pic even tho you’re 20 pounds lighter. Jackedness > sheer size.

  2. Shit I had a whole comment typed out then deleted it…

    In re to you last post, when Broz says 30-50 reps is he counting the warm ups as well?

    Also I have an actual tinder date set up for tonight to watch some Netflix… Assuming she doesn’t bail.

    • yeah i believe that he does count the warmups, even reps with bar, based on that example. He recommends triples to 80%, then dubs to 90, then singles.
      i’ve tried this, and it’s okay – but i’d rather go up to singles as soon as possible and do my volume after i max.

      good luck with the date. probably your internet will shit the bed and then you’ll spend 45 minutes cursing, resetting your router, & changing settings while she sits on the couch and plays with her phone. eventually she’ll slip away when you call your isp tech support.

      one successful movie@home date i had with a chick was that we each did a shot of tequila anytime someone picks up a phone in The Matrix.

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