Hardcore Gym

Fatman: Would you consider a hardcore tryhard PL gym? Or are there none around where you live / will live?

Ironically, today I went to one. The sports science place wasn’t open early enough. I needed to get in and out and be home in time bc my wife wanted to go to the track.

It’s a sweet gym, not going to describe it, just look at the pictures on the website. I actually lifted in a meet there 10+ years ago, and knew the owner a little bit from my days as a trainer/gym employee. He’s a cool, funny, laidback guy (he reminds me a tiny bit of Max Cherry from Jackie Brown) but I’m glad he didn’t recognize me because I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to reminisce.

It’s only 5 bucks for a workout and I didn’t even have to sign a waiver or anything. I just handed the dude a fiver and he told me where the locker rooms were.

When I got there at 830 am there were only 2 or 3 casual people lifting, and a few Olympic lifters embarrassing themselves (they had a record board on the wall and even I could tell it was pretty sad, Wo)

The squat racks were all in a separate room, there were 7? power cages and a monolift, and squat stands, and also a few other places to squat elsewhere in the gym. I was all by myself. I took a rack for squatting, and then I wanted to do BTN press, but, see, things were different here. All the bumper plates were in the Oly area, so I just set up the bar on the front of a different cage. Like I said, I was by myself.

When I had done a few warmup sets of each, a bunch of powerlifters on a team came in.

They were the worst kind of posers. The leader was a Westside-tryhard fatso with tattoos on his face, about my age. There was another old tall fat guy, 3-4 interchangeable 181-220 types and a lightweight guy who was maybe a 148 lber. All of them were Andys, only multiply the foam rolling, gadgetry, boisterous macho socialization, yelling, and chalking each other’s backs to squat 135 by about 3. But at least Andy is strong. Here’s the meet results from last week. I assume these guys were all there.

Mostly I ignored them. They surreptitiously stared at me a lot. We only had 2 interactions: When I was up to 405, I realized I needed to lower my rack height, so I asked tattoo-face (who was closest and just standing there) if he could move the hooks down one notch while I held each end of the barbell. (you can also do this by walking the weight out but I did not trust that method here) Tattoo-face pretended not to hear me “huh?” “wha?” I just repeated myself and the 3rd time said it very slowly like I was talking to a moron. That did the trick.
A few minutes later one of the mid-sized guys asked if I was going to be done with the squat rack soon. I just said no – there were six vacant ones. I did say I had only one more set of presses then he could use that one.
Him: “Well, I like *that* one.
Me: Oh. [puts headphones back on]

They were squatting 135 and 225. For speed? sets of 6? Tattoo-face worked up to 385 for a few reps. When I left and went to the locker room, I could still hear them cheering for each other.

To answer Fat’s question, if the place was cheap, and had good hours, was w/in 20-25 minutes drive, and had the equipment I needed, I would definitely lift there. Regardless of these clowns. In fact, they made it better. I had a really good time. (i would join this place in a heartbeat but I’m only around like once a year)

oh yeah:

wt: 174
Squat: up to 445; doubles up to 400 (8)

Bench: up to 350; 305×3, 310×2 (short on time)

Sumo+ lite: 255 off 5″, 275 off 4.5″ (first time able to do hook grip on top sets since HFM disease)

time: 1:50


wt: unk, but probably light as a lot of my travel meals consist of beef jerky, a small amount of almonds and dried fruit.  also, this year at the track instead of my customary 15 beers I mixed tequila, club soda, ice, and a lime in a metal bottle and drank that.  Yes it’s a norcal margarita.  yes i’m a paleo phaggot for doing that.  but nobody knew because it just looked like a metal bottle.

squat: up to 450; 405×2,2,2,3 410×2, 415×1 (12)

BTN: up to 160; 115-135×3, 140×2 (17)

believe it or not, i press better after cleaning the bar from the ground

sumo+avg: 305, 310

(didn’t know if there were any blocks to deadlift off of, or where they were kept, didn’t want to ask)

time: 1:40

got scolded both days despite my time-efficient workouts come on – 1:40? i’m practically doing nautilus HIT, at least by my standards . 


11 thoughts on “Hardcore Gym

  1. My BW is going to opposite way. I’m not really tracking but just getting decent protein in and eating when I’m hungry/bored. I’m up to 190 but my waist is still 32″-ish. So great success? It must be going somewhere, probably all muscle Woot.

  2. My BW is going to opposite way. I’m not really tracking but just getting decent protein in and eating when I’m hungry/bored. I’m up to 190 but my waist is still 32″-ish. So great success? It must be going somewhere, probably all muscle. Woot.

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