Another good day…

wt: 173.8

Squat: up to 440; doubles (mostly) and triples from 350-380 (16)

BTN Press: up to 165; 4x3x120-135 (12)

Sumo+monster: 3 sets, all PRs, up to 320 off 4″ deficit

Time: 2 hrs


9 thoughts on “Another good day…

  1. You’re going to be able to get more work done in less time without feeling as beat up. This is definitely going to work out well for you.

    I still think that theoretically, given unrestricted time to train, near limit singles would be the best, but since you have to work within the confines of the time allotted as well as with imperfect recovery, doing a weight starting out with triples and moving to doubles will give you more volume in the same time frame.

    Also, this could be you catching the rebound from your sickness and such. I mean, there’s a ton of variables, and I’m sure this will work well for a while at least. And it’s not as mentally draining to do triples/doubles instead of singles.

    tl;dr – thick, solid, tight

    Also, wife is on board with squat stands, bench, and platform for home. Most likely I will still need to keep my gym membership for squats and deadlifts, but I will be able to do the first part of my cycles(ie sub 300# squats) at home as well as pressing. We measured out the living room and we can fit a 6×8 platform no problem after rearranging some stuff. We’ll turn our 2nd bedroom into a TV room again, which is how we used to have it anyway.

    This won’t happen for a couple of months, but I’m already excited. It’s not perfect, but it will be nice to have the flexibility to train at home most of the time.

    • “And it’s not as mentally draining to do triples/doubles instead of singles.”

      Dunno about this, I dread triples and doubles much more than I do singles.

      Sets of 5-6 are the worst for me on the discomfort scale. I can’t use “I’m doing reps” as an excuse to go light (like I can for e.g. sets of 8-10) and by rep 3 I usually feel like I’m dying. For deadlifts, anything but singles is pure torture and doesn’t really do anything except make my lower back hurt.

      My recovery is pretty solid (desk job), would be perfect if I got more sleep. But I can’t keep up going heavy all the time, the stall sets in quickly. I still believe in building muscle first, then teaching the new muscle how to move more weight. Maybe I’m just a pussy.

    • solid analysis. like fats, I dreaded the dubs and trips but like anything else ya get used to them. will save volume singles for days like the time broz squatted 395 for 30 singles or something with krastev yelling at him
      out of town this weekend but hit 445 squat and 350 bench today @ 174 bw. and doubles with up to 400. look out tony conyers
      when i move i may make a home gym, and will at least get some stuff for my son to train on, but I really hope to go to a public gym. as much as i complain, I get amped from the nerds, the sluts, the crossfitters, and the daily battle for the squat rack.

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