Admitting my mistakes

2014-07-23 21_53_03-Weight Loss vs. Happiness _ The Zeit

makes more sense if you read the last part of the post:


wt: 176.8

Squat: up to 445; 430x9x1

I made the 9th single but as I went to lock out/rerack, I started to black out and my strength plummeted.  I made a fast descent and the bar hit the rack supports (though it wasn’t crazy loud because it wasn’t a free-fall)  Pissed because if I’d failed earlier, I could have just shit canned it but I got the same number of singles as yesterday.

BTN: up to 165; 155×2,1,1,1,1,1,1 (8)

Sumo: 360 off 5″ deficit

Had to get at least one PR.  Hardcore, man.

Time: 2:10 (several minutes spent sitting & resting before attempting that deadlift)

resetting weights.  I need to admit that I’m a 165 pounder and I can’t lift as much as I could 15-20 lbs ago. 


wt: 175.8

Squat: up to 420; 375×1,1

I let Andy use the rack for his band nonsense but I couldn’t do more than one rep with 375, then I couldn’t do any reps with 375 without getting light-headed


Bench: up to 335; 290×2,3,3, 295×3, 300×2,2,1,2,2

this was a little better

Sumo+monster: 260 off 5″ deficit, 280 off 4.5″ deficit

at least i can still deadlift

I need to admit that I should typically do doubles and triples after i hit my daily pr. What I will do is back down about 45 lbs, then if I get 3 on a set, i’ll raise the weight 5 lbs.


(visiting parents, took yesterday off to go to the track – more about that, my favorite non-lifting hobby in a later post.  lifted at the sports science place)

Squat: just did triples up to 269.  didn’t black out

BTN Press: triples up to 125

Sumo+light: 310 off 4″, 355 off 2″, 375

time: 2 hrs


wt: 175.8

Squat: up to 425; 275,280,285,290,295,300×3, 305×2 (20)

just an example of what my volume will look like.  started below the 45 lb barrier for squats bc of the problems I was having

Bench: up to 340; 20 reps mostly doubles with 300

Sumo+ avg: 240 off 5″

time: 2:15


wt: 175.6

Squat: up to 430; mostly triples up to 330 (20)

BTN press: up to 164; doubles and triples up to 139 (16)

gonna start using 0.5 and 1.25 lb plates on this

Sumo+ strong band: 4 sets, all PRs, up to 205 off 3.5″

time: 1:55


wt: 176

Squat: up to 435; mostly triples up to 355 (20)

Bench: up to 345; mostly doubles up to 305 (15)

Sumo: 365 off 5″

time: 2:10

so pretty good, just a minor correction is all.  hands are doing better and look normal except under close inspection; skin is not peeling off in a fun or interesting way anymore.  Feet have huge freaky patches of dead skin but I’m just leaving them alone.  re: transformation pics, sure, i guess I’ll take a shirtless photo, but I got bit by a spider (or something) on my abs so i have like two superfluous nipples and am going to wait til that clears up.


7 thoughts on “Admitting my mistakes

  1. I assume the “PALEO” means your cutting now? Do you have another meet planned?

    I was looking online at powerlifting records for VA, and if I competed in the 148 class I would get a state record in my age bracket because there aren’t any others. Lol.

    • Actually scratch that, there is someone in my age group. But I could beat the bench, deadlift, and total record right now. Totally gonna do that.

      • VA PL for the win.

        I once checked out a raw PL fed in VA because some guy at the gym was telling me about it. Not only do they have weight classes, they also have age classes. The 30-34 bracket for 220 was empty last time I checked. Can’t say I haven’t been tempted to show up and do 225/135/315, then go around lifting forums and annoy people by loudly proclaim my state champ status.

        • Yeah the raw site was the one I was looking at. We should do a meet together and wear matching mope singlets.

    • i’m not keeping track of volume as religiously. just dropping 45 lbs and then doing as much as I can, increasing wt only, and seeing what I can get done in 2 hrs and 10 minutes which is the scientifically calculated maximum length of a workout that won’t piss my wife off.

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