Welcome Home, Boosie

I know there’s a discussion on another post between Fatman and Wo where they discuss my recent struggles, percentages, daily maxes & etc.  I decided that I would keep on doing what I am doing and just try harder.  Then if I succeeded I could hue, and if I failed after a sufficient period of time, I would admit defeat and maybe do less weight/more weight for backoff sets.

Got a lot of reading done while I was lying in bed.  Trying to read (or re-read) the bigger books I own IOT pack them away:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: I have a volume of all 5 or 6 books in one.  I’ve read it a few times before.  After 1200 pages or so I realized that I only like the first two books.

Raymond Chandler: This is a book of all his Marlowe (originally Mallory) stories.  For those who don’t know, he’s the major inspiration for all those parodies you see where there’s a detective drinking liquor in an office, and a hot chick walks in and a saxophone plays and the gruff voiceover says something clever in the sense that pick-up lines are clever.  I tried reading this before, but I didn’t like the first story, “Blackmailers Never Shoot” (which is the first short story Chandler ever wrote, I think).  However, this time I skipped it and read the other 800 pages, all of which I loved.  First of all, if someone parodies something it’s generally because the original was so influential.  Second, Chandler was among the first authors to make mystery gritty and realistic (it’s always a thug with a gun/knife, never the butler with a blowgun).  Highly recommend. 

About Face by David Hackworth: I actually started reading this after I was ambulatory.  I hate most military memoirs (typically a combination of boasting, acronyms, and stock characters).  But I got it for a quarter because I remember that he wrote awesome columns.  (Here, but most of the links don’t work)  I’m still 100 pages from the end, but it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.  Will discuss it more later if I feel like it.


wt: 176.8

Squat: up to 420; 430x5x1

Bench: up to 325; 330x2x1

elbow no longer sore, but had to stop after 2 singles with 330 šŸ˜¦

Sumo DL: 355 off 5″ deficit, 380 off 4.5″, 390 off 4″

Time: 2:05


wt: 177.8

Squat: up to 425; 430x6x1

BTN Press: up to 150; 155x4x1

Sumo+monster: 255 off 5″ deficit, 275 off 4.5″, 315 off 4″

Time: 2:00


wt: 178.2

upward trend, i think, is a result of trying dextrose again during workout.  back to water

Squat: up to 425; 430x7x1

Bench: up to 325; 330x3x1

Sumo+lite band: 250 off 5″ deficit, 270 off 4.5″

Time: 2:10


wt: 178.8

Squat: up to 435; 430x8x1

BTN Press: up to 164; 155x6x1

Sumo+avg band: 235 off 5″ deficit, 245 off 4.5″, 260 off 4″

time: 2:10


wt: 176.6

Squat: up to 440; 430x9x1

Bench: up to 325; 330x7x1

Sumo+ strong band: 170 off 5″ deficit, 180 off 4.5″ deficit, 190 off 4″

time: 2:10

I’m pretty happy and feel like I’m back in the game.


31 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Boosie

  1. >Raymond Chandler

    Das fucking it mane. He’s supposed to have advised aspiring pulp writers “When in doubt, have a man come in through the door with a gun in his hand.”

  2. I’m a really big fan of film noir thanks to all my film studies electives I took in school, and thus I also like Raymond Chandler.

  3. Man I’ve been trying to read the third Game of Thrones book for like a year now and still haven’t gotten through it. I need to just move on to something else.

    Have you read City of Glass by Paul Auster? It’s a detective-type book, but gets pretty trippy, messing with the characters’ identities and stuff like that. It’s pretty sweet and not terribly long. It’s part of a trilogy that are all good, but that’s probably the best of the three.

    Also you might get a kick out of this. I’m finally meeting a chick off TInder. She’s a freak, I’m going to see her this weekend I think. She also lives with her parents. So if I don’t post anymore, I’m probably buried in some guy’s backyard with multiple shotgun wounds.

      • I vaguely remember you having an English degree, right? I think you’re the only person I know who’s even heard of that book.

      • Aw fuck turns out she’s actually 18 (not 19 like she originally said) and still in high school.

        Abandoning ship for now I think.

        • both of those are positive things. what if you find out that she’s prettier than her picture too?

          though do check her id surreptitiously in case she’s 17, then later admits to being 16, and finally you find out she’s really 13 and an FBI agent after you sexual her.

          get back on board.

          • She does look pretty good. I’m really considering it, but will definitely get her to send me a picture of her id before I drive all that way. I mean really, nobody will know…

          • not sure how old you are: 23, 25? To be honest, dating 18 yr old girls – HS or not – when I was over 21 always ended in absolute disaster. But avoiding them would be like not going to a kickass party because you don’t want to get a hangover.

  4. Hitchhiker’s Guide – agreed, except that I only really liked the first book.

    I read a few Chandler novels when I was on a noir kick in my early 20s (typical), liked the style, very gritty and realistic for the period he wrote in but not ridiculous like “real” pulp (e.g. REH). I think I would have liked his work more had I not watched all those cheesy noir movies, which made it impossible for me to ever take the genre seriously again.

    • i know what you say about killing the genre. blazing saddles destroyed westerns for a long time.
      and REH would have been a great moper. he was alright. watch yourself fats.
      but yeah, not as good as Chandler or others.
      Edgar Rice Burroughs is underrated IMO. Tarzan the book is pretty fun to read we all think of the disney nonsense.

      • Well The Matrix destroyed cyberpunk for a while.

        inb4 BUT SOHART THE MATRIX WASN’T CYBERPUNK cause that’s not the point yo

          • i mostly agree
            though matrix 2 was like 48% good and matrix 3 was 4% good. you could make half a good movie out of the good parts of those two combined.

            anything involving Zion, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sentinel vs. spaceship CGI, impassioned discussions among human leadership, Trinity after the first movie, and that little nerdy kid who tags around – are all shit

            they spend less and less time in the matrix in each movie

            and more and more time in Zion which sucks. hippies having a rave. no place for me there. i’m with cypher.

    • it’s really fucking good. i finished tonight. A few of the things he criticizes about the army have been corrected, but most are still ongoing.

      For example my unit was deployed to Iraq in 2006 – from Alaska – which is bullshit because of the climate difference. Not to mention the inadequate training and shoddy (mostly) leadership. Finally, we did not have things like IBAs, humvees, 50 cals, MK19s, and various electronics that we would be using daily in country and would have liked to have trained with.

      Even the bullshit tactics we employed were the same shit from Vietnam: big sprawling US base, only 10% of the force goes on missions, micromanaging leaders, nonsense ROE, no clear goal, “winning the hearts and minds” i.e. some company commander drinking tea with a village elder who is probably an Al Qaeda member.

      sorry for the rant. yeah you should check the book out.

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