Two good reasons to skip the gym


The big yellow bumps are calluses not blisters.  That’s good at least.  Backs of hands and soles of feet look approximately the same.  Some on my inner elbow and a bit on my face (though mostly covered by beard).


18 thoughts on “Two good reasons to skip the gym

  1. Hey why don’t I grab you something from the vermillion by the airport and I’ll head on over? Just post your address.

  2. Holy shit, so that’s what the red tender spots on my hands were. Thought I had gotten a bunch of tiny splinters from using a wooden spoon lolololol. Wasn’t as bad as yours and was localized to my hands, so didn’t know what else it could be.

    Random question: why don’t you use oly shoes for the squattings?

    • i thought i had 2 papercuts on monday…

      cause that way i don’t have to change them to deadlift
      bc chucks are cheaper
      bc i’m used to them

      though the thought has entered my mind, otoh i’ve changed my squat form like 6 times in the past year so maybe i’m better off sticking with chucks for now.

      i still do a sitting-back kind of squat just with a closer stance

    • yeah it sucks. i’ve reached like the turning point tho. i spent about 20 hrs a day in bed the last 3 days. i feel a good bit better. my fingertips are numb bc they are hard calluses (scar tissue?) which makes typing still difficult but an improvement over itchy pain
      my wife now cooks all my meals to spec, which i’ve always wanted (usually she just makes the main course). Now she will get me my iced tea with lime juice, my mashed up yam, the hot sauce etc IOT avoid me touching things in the kitchen.
      it actually makes me very impatient
      also she’s doing the dishes which is my job and one i’ve always been kind of slack with.
      she’s also slack with it (tho she has to take care of 2 kids, one sick, one recovering) which gives her an excuse, but it also makes me impatient.

        • it’s actually quite annoying, I’ve learned.
          Like if she gives me the fork that I don’t like, is it worth complaining about? What about if there’s not enough ice in my iced tea? What if I decide that I would like some strawberries afterwards.
          If I mention any of these things and she has to get up, I feel like a fussy little bitch. But if I don’t, they irk me – so I’ve got to choose.
          So I end up giving very very specific instructions beforehand to prevent this.
          “Use the blue bowl. Half of the big yam or the whole smaller yam. The big glass, fill it with ice, then one squirt of lime juice, then pour in the tea, then put in a straw…”
          Today was my last day of this. My hands are a bit better and she seems immune at this point.

          The new annoyance is going to be that I feel good enuf to lift tomorrow, but my outward appearance is still quite alarming in the sense that you’d call the CDC.

          • One of my old bosses, crazy Indian dude, said he never complimented his wife’s cooking. He said because of this, she always cooked everything better every time.

          • He had to buy bottles of wine a lot, though, because they’d get into fights. So maybe not best strategy. This boss was the closest boss I ever had to Ivan Abadjiev. I admired his treachery looking back.

          • one time my wife mentioned to my mom that I didn’t like kraft mac & cheese.

            My mom used to always hate on kraft and make her own. I tried kraft once in college and saw what she was talking about.

            so my wife got my mom’s recipe which is long and involved and she worked at it and made mac and cheese like my mom’s and was very proud of it. i didn’t really notice; it was just macaroni and fucking cheese; the same shit i always had when i was a little kid.

            the second time she made it, I said “Why are you making macaroni and cheese?”

            she said “Isn’t just like your mom’s? isn’t it better than kraft?”

            and I said “Yes to both but so what? i don’t even like macaroni and cheese.”

            she was kind of pissed about all the work she put into it and the ten emails she sent back and forth to my mom.

  3. You going paleo has inspired me to just cut my carb intake to what I need to lift. I reread Paleo for Lifters for some guidelines. I want to get down to 105 because there’s no reason for me to be above it with what I’m currently lifting. Plus, I’m going to stop drinking so much. I’ve been smashing cans a lot the past couple of weeks. The thing is, I love dairy so I’m going to keep doing that but just much less. I drink skimmed milk anyways because I like the taste better.

    • did the pastor say to turn the other cheek?
      (make sure he was talking about face cheeks)

      also a good tip – and one i used against you – is to pretend to be very stupid and easily offended

      “A woman in AR….”

      this only works if you’re not stupid and easily offended.

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