Narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic.

Weight: 180.6

Squat: up to 440; 420x12x1

Bench: up to 360; 325x10x2

Sumo+monster: 250 off 5″ deficit, 270 off 4.5″

Time: 2:10


25 thoughts on “Narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic.

      • If we put you and that guy in a shipping container together, would your manlet code of honor require you to fight to the death?

          • Why would I be in there? Geez, I thought you of all people would take this seriously.

          • fine he would win. we both have a lot of fighting experience, but he probably has more and better. He’s stronger. He is injured and even though he tries to minimize this on his blog, he may still be incapacitated.
            healthy he wins. but i dont fight anymore except with guns.

          • Coach is a former college wrestler and was in the military – probably learned something there. CnP is a former unathletic dweeb who started lifting weights so people wouldn’t laugh at him (his own story). His only fighting experience is fake-wrestling dudes in gay porn.

            OTOH, CnP has the edge in being an angry little man with a Godzilla-sized inferiority complex. Coach gets mope-angry at people in the gym, which isn’t the same thing. CnP guces and is better at lifting weights, which generally counts for shit IRL.

            Fats Kellerman would split this 60%-40% in Coach’s favor.

          • Well the one thing that’s true is that if you and I were in a boxcar we would disagree about everything.

            CnP is a former college wrestler too, for a better school. Probably a better college wrestler as it would have been hard to have been worse.

            I didn’t learn much about hand-to-hand fighting from my military job, but I did a lot of extracurricular combatives training and jiu-jitsu and was 2nd in a contest involving for the whole base, which is something since it’s 5000 dudes. (And placed in several other similar contests when i had much less training beforehand)

            OTOH CnP i think has done enough jiu-jitsu and MMA to make his experience comparable if not better (depends on how much he exaggerates)

            “CnP is a former unathletic dweeb who started lifting weights so people wouldn’t laugh at him”

            Coach is a former unathletic dweeb who started lifting weights so people wouldn’t laugh at him. This also describes 98% of males who lift weights and talk about it on the internet so we’ll call it a draw.

            I’ll give him the edge on anger/inferiority/short man complex (though I feel you’re underestimating these aspects of my personality) but I have good focus which usually prevails over blind rage.
            OTOH he’d definitely be the kind of guy who would let his elbow be broken before he taps out.

            80-20 CNP

          • By military experience I mean more like experience being in a life or death situation / exposed to likelihood of serious bodily harm. The McDojo hand-to-hand combat training I discounted right off the bat (I did it too, and am not Paul Carter enough to think it gives one “an edge”), so no advantage given to either. So maybe 55%-45%, but Coach still wins.

  1. Also did you get poison ivy from picking berries? That girl from Oregon I showed the berries to was all like “hey there’s poison ivy there, I can’t walk through there.” But I have these magical things called pants.

  2. coach, I have a serious question: when you work up to a max for the day you follow with heavy singles after that. as I have less experience than you, I’m thinking the singles will leave you quite taxed and with questionable gainz. please explain to me why I am wrong.

    • Volume is volume, broseph. All that really matters for adaptation is sufficient volume at sufficient intensity. All else is details.

      Singles should theoretically be best for a powerlifter because of the neurological adaptation to a heavy single being the most sport specific. The only real downside is it takes FOREVER. But coach is getting an average of 20-25 reps at intensities above 85%, and most at 90% or more. That’s enough stress to cause an adaptation.

    • “I’m thinking the singles will leave you quite taxed and with questionable gainz.”

      This was my experience with singles-only training, many years ago.

      I was, however, a relative noob to strength training (did years of bodybuilding-type stuff prior to that). Advanced / experienced guys apparently make good progress on singles.

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