Animal Ambition


Weight: 180.6

High Bar Squat: up to 375

Could have done more but didn’t feel like it.  I’m not used to the bar position sans manta ray, and I’m not going to be able to squat as much like this.  Fuck it. Low bar every day.

LBS: 315 and 365×1, then 410x6x1

that’s six singles for you foreigners/communists.

Bench: up to 360; 320x10x2

Sumo: 4 sets, all PRs, up to 390 off 3.5″ deficit

Time: 2:05

Emilio and I have had a couple of soccer conversations.  He agrees with my take on the (stagnant & overhyped) future of the sport in this country.  In exchange, I listened to him marvel at Germany beating Brazil 7-1.  He told me how Brazil is still upset about losing to Uruguay in 1950.  I asked him who was playing in the other semi and he told me Argentina/Netherlands.  I told him I would root for Argentina (where he’s from) but he didn’t like their chances. Then a day or so later I even checked the score and was pleased to see they won.  He was happy the next time I saw him in the gym.  I dunno.  Good old Emilio. 


Wt: 181

Saw Andy coming into the locker room but he didn’t see me (I was washing my hands after pissing).  I hurried to the power rack and started squatting.  He came out a few minutes later and asked me if I was just getting started.  I said yes, and neither of us bothered to discuss working in because we both knew it was unfeasible as he’d be doing some brutal banded box squats. 

Low Bar Squat: up to 435; 410x20setsxof1rep you assholes

much easier than the 20 with 405.

BTN Press: up to 169, just missed 174; sigh; 144×3,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,2 (20)

Sumo+monster band: 4 sets, all PRs, up to 345 off 3.5″ deficit

Time: 2:05


12 thoughts on “Animal Ambition

  1. So I didn’t hit that 200kg but I did hit the 190kg. I can see why people wear belts. You can pinpoint the moment where my shoulders stop moving and I can’t keep my torso in line. I mean it’s still cool because I’ve never hit 180 or 190 before. I was supposed to do 177.5 for 5 that day.
    I took a video, put music on it because the gym is so fucking silent at this point that you can mute it anyways. I don’t usually lift with my hair down but the day before I got like half a foot cut from it so it doesn’t all fit comfortably in the back

    • great job batman. you look a little like Andy, but i’ll overlook that.
      hair is good.
      good music
      second what fatman says – at least someone gets big legs from squatting. never worked for me. (yes, even when i did sets of 5 – or 20)
      what’s your height and bw?
      200kg and more will come soon. u heard it here first

      • I’ve never gone above 5 reps on squatting, I just did SS –> TM so I guess this is that genetics thing. The crotch keeps wearing out on my clothes though because no thigh gap or any give.
        I weigh 114 kg as of yesterday. I was 5’10” when I was 16 and I don’t think I’ve grown any taller. I’m hoping to cut to 105 and chill there but I have no idea what my bodyfat % is. The goal is to stop having a gut which means drinking less. It doesn’t help that I only weigh myself at the gym on a full stomach with shoes and clothes on but I’m not going to buy a scale on the off chance I’ll lose a few kg on it. It’d be cool if I could weigh myself in the morning post-bathroom though. It amazes me how people at the gym even take their shoes off because of all the factors that will affect their daily weight, it’s gotta be the pound of shoes that make or break your confidence.
        I wonder when that 200kg will come. I’m also thinking about this belt thing again asdkfljaslkfdjl.
        glad u got the scoop 😉

        • Video is deceiving – you look taller than 5’10”, definitely lighter than 114 kilos. The heaviest I ever got was 105-107.

          At least you live in a cool climate with mild summers. The thigh chafing thing gets a lot worse in 35-degree heat.

          • Maybe I’ve grown but I don’t think I have. I’m definitely not over 6′ that’s for sure. What weight do I look? Also I think my waist is 40 inches? At least that is the size in jeans I wear here and these euros don’t have the size creep up like american ones. I wore 38w in levis 569s.
            I actually have no idea what the “right” weight is for me and I’ve just been evening out. I started out fairly fat in October on SS and the scale weight has gone up but I’ve slimmed down considerably. Did I get lucky with noob hypertrophy?
            I actually have pairs of those soffe shorts from when I had to experience Toronto summers. It gets so fucking hot. It doesn’t go over 20 degrees here in Edinburgh and we usually have a breeze, but the humidity is shitty.

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