On Saturday, Andy and George and fat friend benched with their ridiculous band setup, and I got to use the power rack.  Also benched, and Andy asked me if I was going to do a lot of sets, and I just said yeah, so he waited until another bench opened up.

On Sunday, the baby woke up at like 6:30 AM and would not go back to sleep, even though this is very against the rules.  I went to the gym early with some trepidation because this is when Porter trains Nancy and the other women on his team. When I got there, I saw Porter, Emilio, and Nancy through the window, but after I’d gotten changed, there was only Emilio, doing floor press in the rack.

He said that Porter and Nancy worked out for 45 minutes, then left because it was too hot, but the funny thing was it was like 65 degrees that morning which is the coolest it’s been all summer.

After Emilio did a few more sets he moved onto something else.  Kudos to me for not even asking him how many sets he had left.  Also for not bothering to tell him that floor press with the way he had the chains set up = 2 links leaving the ground = approximately 14 ounces = wasting his time.


Weight: 183

Manta Ray Squat: up to 385, 355x9x1, 360x4x1

okay, I decided that I still like to do a lot of reps of volume and am not going to fall into the trap last time of continually increasing the weight on the volume until I can only do like 2 singles with it.  But I think 20-25 might be sufficient, rather than always trying for 30.

Bench: up to 355, 320x5x2

Sumo+monst: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 340 off 3″ deficit

Time: 2hrs


Weight: 182.6

Low Bar Squat: up to 425 (excuse – gym was too cold), 405x12x1

BTN Press: up to 165, 140×3,2, 145x3x2

Sumo+lite band: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 330 off 3″ deficit

Time: 2:10


24 thoughts on “training

  1. I have little to to tribute except I’m checking your blog on my phone post-sex after being a lesbian’s first non-dildo and I just wanted to let you know someone’s doing that.

    • Did she have a crew cut and bigger shoulders / biceps than you?

      Hint: it would make a much better story if you answer “yes”, and no one will ever know if it’s the truth or not anyway.

      • fuck I wish that were true. She’s from Belfast and is visiting my friend over the weekend. I met her on Saturday, and last night she propositioned me in the club. The mope here is that I’ve lived here for 10 months and I still haven’t found anyone I’ve connected with 😦 Also of note was this girl I matched with on tinder a while ago was at the same club and we ran into each other. I pretended I didn’t know her. Her hair is exactly like Merida’s from Brave. I could have stayed and closed with her (you know, something that could go somewhere) but instead I end up fucking a lesbian from another country.
        I had trouble sleeping thanks to being drunk and I barely ate anything and I’ll probably fail my 200kg squat on Friday.

          • I don’t look like a girl I’m pretty damn masculine. I’m hairy, got a beard, I have long hair that’s would only be the feminine attribute. I’ve got that whole arms jutting out thanks to broad shoulders thing too. This was just one of those once in a lifetime things that happen. She was a feminine lesbian, not a butch at all. Mopewod isn’t the place for this story because people would be like AT LEAST YOU’RE HAVING SEX but that’s probably because that userbase is still trying to learn how to socially interact.

          • “Mopewod isn’t the place for this story because people would be like AT LEAST YOU’RE HAVING SEX”

            Mmmm not sure why you think this place is any different… were you looking for some other sort of response?

      • one time at airborne school, there was this MP there who couldn’t pass the pullup test and got assigned to do details (mow lawns, pass out chutes) for the duration instead of jumping out of airplanes & etc. There was some debate between my friends and I over whether this person was male or female.
        I was looking forward to going home on pass for 4th of july, but lost my pass bc I was wearing an unauthorized belt (which another of the cadre told me was ok, yes the army is awesome). So all my friends left and I was having a smoke by the bleachers by the barracks and this person shows up. She turned out to be a chick. Crew cut and broad shoulders
        We went for a walk, went into some field by the jump towers, and I hit that.
        I was double worried bc I was afraid if we got caught I’d be accused of homosexuality in addition to whatever crime outdoor-fucking is (probably the death penalty based on the belt punishment)
        Afterwards I studiously ignored her. My friends found out and teased me. And she would like wave to me and wish me good luck before jumps and stuff.

  2. On vacation in Colorado.

    Failed 3/4 of the way up a 14er. Flying home today having accomplished none of my goals for the trip(conquer 14er, hike in boulder), haven’t lifted in over a week, ate like shit all weekend. Also, wife wasn’t here and staying with two hot friends with whom I can’t make advances, super fucking sweet. Stared at a really nice ass in lulemon pants all the way up the 14er, pretty much kept me going. But yeah, nothing happening there.

    Seriously, its been a great trip!

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