A big thank you to Belgium…

…a country previously most notable for being the equivalent of a speed bump to the German Army.

Just found out that the former Olympic lifting guy (6’3? 220, best C&J = 120kg) at my gym is from Sweden.  He has only a barely discernable accent.  I’ve talked to him at some length 3 other times and this was the first time I noticed it.

I could have mentioned that I sent a mini-band to Sweden, or told him that I know what lyfta pa jobbet means, or even asked him how Carl Gustav was doing.  But instead:

Me: Sweden, whoa, I have an internet buddy from there…

Oly guy: I have to get going now.

Me: Me too.

I really did have to get going, and left the gym.  He meant that he had to move away from me to do dumbbell bench.


Weight 183 (-1.8)

LBS: up to 435, 395x15x1

Oh, yeah, Wo, did 410 beltless. which i think wore me out a little hence the 435 but whatever.  #winning

BTN: up to 170, 140×3,3,2,3,3,2

sumo+ monster, 7 sets, all prs, up to 355 off 2″


Weight 182.8 (-0.2)

Manta Ray Squat: up to 375 ugh; 355x 18 reps of singles and a few doubles

Bench (i quit medium grip, just gonna use whatever grip is my favorite that day: up to 350, 315×3, 315x12x2

Sumo+lite band, 230 off 5″, 250 off 4.5″

Both workouts were like 2:05-2:10

The gym has a college special of may-august for $99.  For some reason it seems like only guys do this special.  Monday at 11 am there were 25 college guys lifting and 0 college females.  Today from 3-5 there were 15 college guys and 3 chicks.


4 thoughts on “A big thank you to Belgium…

  1. Don’t forget pedophilic porn. And chocolate (which they invented to facilitate access to the kiddies). And best beer in the world.

    The US played well, tho. This time they did better than three former World Cup champions, four if you count Uruguay. 3 more World Cups and absolute American global domination of real sports will be complete.

    “did 410 beltless. which i think wore me out a little hence the 435 but whatever”

    Nose, face, spite, cutting, etc.

  2. a speed bump at best. had a guest from belgium (work-related) the othet week. tried to make a joke about them not being able to elect a government but he preferred not having one. 🙂

    funny about the swedish guy. blonde, bearded and silent?

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