seems to be shrinking. When I was my fattest at like 200 lbs, I would wear my lifting belt 5 notches from the end for lighter sets and 4 notches from the end for heavier.  But most of the time, including at my meet, it was 4/3.  Recently got to 3/2.  Today I used #2, and #1, for the first time ever for three or four of my heavier sets.

I started doing the paleo diet (no breads/potatoes/sweets/dairy) 16 days ago.  Mostly because of a flip comment that I made to Celica, and then, as usual, to prove something to Fatman.

Although I didn’t want to admit it, I guess I’ve become lactose-intolerant.  Which is why the whey protein was giving me such digestive troubles.  And then I noticed when I totally got rid of all milk, I felt a lot better.  I mean even putting milk in my coffee was sometimes giving me troubles – which have now gone away.

I have been trying to not tell my wife that I’m any kind of diet, as it creates more problems than it is worth.  I think I mentioned this to hsilman in a comment somewhere.  I mean, she realizes something is up as I have her buy unsweetened almond milk to put in my coffee.

Today, Mega Mike, the steroid bodybuilder at the gym, asked me if I was “leaning out”.  Which is the first anyone has noticed, so that’s good.

Weight: 184.8

didn’t work out yesterday/day before so no heavy stuff

Manta Ray Squat: up to 375, then 355x15x1

Medium Grip Bench: up to 335, then 310x5x2 and 315x3x2 (was working in with some former olympic lifter and it was easier to switch to an even 3 plates)

Sumo Deadlift: 335 off 5″ deficit, 360 off 4.5″ deficit

Time: 2:05


21 thoughts on “Waistline…

  1. Not to rain on your Paleo parade (who am I kidding), but I’ve noticed that I can’t notch the belt as tight when I get leaner. A decent padding of fat makes belting up easier somehow (belt sinks into the lard and feels quite comfortable), but once the padding is diminished the belt cuts into the skin and hurts like a bitch. Especially when deadlifting.

    Then again, it could be the belt. I use a $10 Made in Pakistan leather belt (actually it was $10 for the belt and a pair of straps). You probably have one of those luxurious lever thingies that require a screwdriver to open/close.

    • i use some good pl belt. it has two prongs not a lever. bought it from my old coach for 45$. idk i get asked about it a lot by nerds trying to choose between the gym’s selection of thin leather and worn velcro.

      and hold on, you have reached a new level of contrariness by trying to insinuate that I lost bw and went down 3 belt sizes but that means I’m fatter.

  2. Is mega mike the guy at hardknox that has really small calves but is super jacked in the upperbody? I love dairy.

    • i think i tagged his posts. he’s a redheaded guy, like 6’4 230 or something with low bodyfat. his calves have recently shrank bc I think he may be between cycles for the summer or something.

  3. Paleo is a good time. Certain folks say you can eat potatoes, but if you’re trying to lean up that might not be the best choice.

  4. yeah, don’t tell people the wife shit, I agree. However, since I am a junk food addict, my wife notices as soon as I stop eating ice cream by the half gallon every other day. She will let me diet, but nothing too extreme.

    I somehow managed to blow up from 178 to 190 in a month or so without any change in my waist. I’m obviously jacked, right?

    Currently feeling a bit fat, but I don’t have the willpower to stick to any real diet, so I’m just counting calories and keeping it to 2300/day. That usually brings me down around 180, maybe this time I’ll hit 32″ for my waist, which is the skinniest I’ve been since I was 140# in middle school.

  5. I’m gonna be cleaning up my diet, too. Last spring/summer I was the strictest about only eating meat, vegetables, and whatever was in my Chipotle burrito, and I had the most vascular quads I’ve ever had, good abs, and nice shoulder veins, while weighing in at 96-97 kilos in the morning. Now I’m 93-94 kilos in the AM, with barely any quad veins, poor ab definition, and shoulder veins that like playing hide-and-seek. Basically, I was leaner, while weighing more. This is especially pertinent because I want to start moving up to 105 after Nationals. For reelz, this time.

      • I’ve always been the skinny kid. I mean, I’ve always had some measure of fat – I’m not one of those guys with ceran-wrap for skin – but I’ve always had at least some ab definition. I just put on muscle pretty quickly once I started lifting weights. (One of my fat deposit areas seems to be my chest. So it looks like I still have pecs even though I haven’t benched frequently in years, but it means my shoulder veins take a long time to come out, even when my arms are stupid lean.)

  6. If I stopped drinking so much I wouldn’t be a chubster. Alcohol in the UK is so cheap compared to Canada that it’s hard not to. Edinburgh has no open container laws either, so you can just walk everywhere with a beer.

  7. Not to completely ignore the slight accomplishment here, congrats on the *possible* slimming of the waist. But keep on keeping on with the almond milk, and any other milk alternatives for that matter. Dairy is like eating cow pus, quite literally…I’m not going to say I NEVER eat dairy (once a year when I chow down on a Chicago Pizza…I do make an exception) The dairy industry is lead by a bunch of crack head money hungry rapacious individuals. As far as protein, I stick to the vegan stuff…I am not going to say it works as well, or as fast as the whey shit…(and it’s probably not considered *bad ass* or *manly*) but you won’t be sitting on the toilet with an angry stomach, and you will still be getting the nutrients your body needs. It wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of googling to see if it would be something you would consider.

    • i’ve seen you make your analogy to cow pus on your own site. I think that’s going a bit far.

      And I enjoyed dairy for 35 years. And whey for 15, and was in good health/fitness for that time. But both now disagree with me, so I will be eating neither ever again.

      I use a beef protein (carnivor) post-workout and an egg protein (optimum) before bed.

      My tummy has never felt better.

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