This is Thursday’s workout.  Did not work out Friday or Saturday due to parents visiting, work, daughter being sick.  It’s okay cause I had a good streak going before this; though I feel like a dog who’s been penned up and wants to kill.

Weight: 182.2

Low Bar Squat: up to 405 with no belt which is my best beltless squat ever.  stopped doing those bands.  have actually gone back to a narrower stance and really sitting back as it is easier on my knees.  Up to 445 with a belt.  390x15x2

Behind the neck press: up to 165, i was so close with 175 the other day had it above my head. 140×3,3,2,2,2

Sumo+ strong band, 6 sets, all PRs, up to 195 off 2.5″ deficit either I’m getting a lot stronger at this or the bands are getting weaker.

Time: 2:05

Nothing remarkable in terms of either hardbodies or nerds.


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