Baby Swim Lessons

Tomorrow I am not training and taking my daughter to baby/parent swim lessons. I’m legit excited/nervous for normal fatherly reasons.  But also because according to a guy at the gym who’s a lifeguard, there’s always a bunch of hot MILFs in that class, and he doesn’t remember a father ever doing it. 

Good thing I have a bug bite on my back – don’t ask me how I got it as I don’t walk around outside without a shirt, hat, sunglasses, and pistol(s), but for the last week or so I’ve been scratching myself like an animal by rubbing my back against doorways and etc.  A couple of days ago I looked at it and it was a huge red festering welt.  I have been diligent about not scratching it, and it has diminished somewhat.  Hopefully they even let me in the damn pool.

Weight: 188 (+0.8)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3, 295×2, 335, 365, 385, 395, 405; 345x15x2

Bench: 45×10, 135×4, 225×3, 285×3, 320×2, 345×1; 315×3,3,3,3,2,2,2

Way to bench a shitty max in only 6 sets.

Sumo: 325 off 5″ deficit, 350 off 4.5″, 370 off 4″

Time: 2:05


21 thoughts on “Baby Swim Lessons

  1. My calss today was filled with fat chicks and dudes. The room legit smelled like sweaty ass cracks. The only fit white guy sits next to me and tried to talk to me about how bay area has good baseball teams. I don’t even watch baseball so I nodded my head and proceeded to fall asleep.

    • you have not received the message to post using the same fake email address so I don’t have to keep approving your comments.

      and no it’s not for you, it’s for my job.

      but one of them is chambered in a traditional rifle caliber so keep that in mind.

      and let’s just be crazy army veteran friends together and re-enact Heat or Reservoir Dogs, or go fight for/against ISIS instead of this shady blog hostility. and yes i know I started it.

      here to show no hard feelings I’ll even sing the goddam FO theme song:

      “Thirteen Fox
      Thirteen Fox
      Better than infantry
      And have bigger cocks.”

      you happy?

  2. When you did 5/3/1 back in the day did you take the deload week (probably a dumb question judging by your current workouts). I’d rather take a whole week completely off every 2 or 3 months than spend 1 week per month meandering over to a super light barbell.

    • never did 5/3/1 but I never took a deload week ever. Emilio did 5/3/1 and did not like the deload weeks.
      Back in the pre-broz days, I took days off when I was gonna get laid or drunk. Or if I was sick (sometimes as a result).
      And I took a week off like once a year when I was moving or going on vacation.
      Don’t schedule that shit. It’ll happen on its own accord.

      • Yeah, that’s kinda what i’m planning on doing, just take time off when I’m feeling beat down or if life gets busy that week. Looking forward to the swim lesson post. 10/10 there will be mention of “milf cameltoe”.

          • I did 5/3/1 and didn’t do the deload weeks. Worked very well for about a year, then worked well for about another months.

          • Thanks Fats, gonna give it a whirl. In other news, call me Teinwolf cuz I’m back on that tein. Just bought some Carnivor protein…apparently a scoop is not included. Originally went in to buy some ON 100% Whey, the guy tried to sell me to some shit that had about 20 less calories per serving, 3 less grams of protein and was about $12 more expensive. Told him as many beers as I drink 20 calories from here an there from a protein shake aren’t going to make $12 difference.

          • Just chugged it, that is the worst tasting protein drink I’ve ever had but the dark blood red color makes up for it.

          • i like the fruit punch you’re crazy man. my wife calls it cow’s blood but she knows what it is. I am now trying optimum egg protein b4 bed so i don’t have 5 servings of carnivor which would be 12.5g creatine and literally %8330 of my RDA of B12.

          • To be fair without a scoop I could have been way off on how much to put in the cup. Egg protein isn’t gonna turn you into Kai Greene, brah!

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