Because I monopolized the power rack for a full two hours today, some little nerdy college kid (5’4 130 for the last 2 years; also I don’t like his face) had to struggle to do his 1/4 squats (I’m sure he thought they were full squats) on the platform.  He was doing 225 for sets of 5-6 oh man it was ugly and shaky and I was hoping that he would dump it (not get hurt just dump it).  After this, he deadlifted 185 for sets of 5.  Form wasn’t bad but who can have bad form with 185?  Never mind, that’s a dumb thing to say in my gym.  I’m pretty sure he did like 10 sets of deadlifts because he saw me doing like 25 sets of squats and decided that volume was the key to success.  He was doing jumping lunges with 95 lbs when I left.

I know this is like the same story I tell every day but more boring.  It’s fine.

This’ll cheer you guys up:

2014-06-10 20_48_11-About moviejoltz _ moviejoltz

Manta Ray Squat: 45×8,6, 135×4, 225×3, 275×2, 315, 345, 365; 345x15x2

you read that right.  ugh.

and yes yes fatman (or fatman voice in my head), i’m the bigger loser with sweating like a hog, pissing everybody off by taking the squat rack from 3:40-5:40 PM, not squatting any weight above 365, being almost twice his age, probably he just wants to look good on the beach well he doesn’t.  neither do i it’s fine.

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 135×4, 190×3, 240×3, 280×2, 315×2; 295×5,5,4,4,4,4,4

Sumo+strong bands: 7 sets, all PRs, up to 180 off 2″ deficit

Time: 2 hours at least got home to find that my wife left me a single piece of pizza for dinner.


6 thoughts on “NERD!

  1. So,you’ve managed to convince someone on the internet that you are a foreigner who speaks Engrish?

    Great Success!

    • if they see you as non-threatening they’ll approve your comments. Also, since they probably just skim them. If I had written on the other blog, “My weightlifting team poops into a container and we weigh it,” it wouldn’t have gotten approved. I know from experience.

  2. There was a guy deadlifting 135 yesterday at my gym with his arms lined up right in front of his legs, which were a little wider than shoulder width. It was going about as well as it sounds.

    • that guy goes to my gym too. jk but if you deadlift 135 (or 65 for the ladies) you can do all kinds of bizarre antics with a studious look of concentration on your face. “I’m focusing on form.”

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