Droll Troll

Have to workout late tonight, then right to bed!  No time to log my workout here, and tell you what the cougars are wearing and who’s doing what exercise wrong.  Tomorrow, my friends.

So today, we’ll talk about this protein, which I bought because it was slightly cheaper than Carnivor.  I got 2 lbs for 24.99.  It doesn’t taste as good (like sickly sweet strawberry Quik) and leaves little pellets that look like styrofoam after you stir it up.  Also it supposedly contains creatine and glutamine and BCAA but those fuckers at SES didn’t include how much.  I wrote to them and asked.  And finally, what kind of company is called “Side Effect Sports”?  Will finish this shit and then back to Carnivor.

Been working on trolling this like-spammer.  He runs a fitness blog full of lame content.  It is at preferhealthylifestyle dot com.  Not linking so he doesn’t get a pingback and get wise.  Tried at first to accuse green tea of being a government conspiracy, but he didn’t approve that one.  So tried again with some Engrish.  Here are two of my successes:

2014-06-05 12_10_16-Going To Gym Center Vs At Home Gym « Healthy Lifestyle

about Home Gym vs. Workout Fitness Center

2014-06-05 12_14_23-30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge « Healthy Lifestyle

about a Smoothie App


6 thoughts on “Droll Troll

    • Looks like a pretty good article. I’m not sure about his ideas for training an Intermediate lifter, but his beginning progressions and exercise selections look good. I’d say you’d have to work pretty hard to not be comfortable with the movements after he was done with you.

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