not really, and I’m not gonna call 5×5 @ 65% “brutal” like some rivals I won’t mention.  But now that I’ve declared a 2 hour “Fatman” limit on my workouts, I have to really manage my time and push the pace.  Gotta do a set of squats every 5 minutes working up to my max.  Only 9 warmup sets, then ya go for it.  I can do my earliest warmup sets a little faster, in order to save some time and get maybe an 8 minute break before I go for PR, but keep in mind I also have to press and do a set of band pullaparts between those squat sets.  The optimistic schedule for volume sets that I made in my head before I did a single rep – has to be rigorously adhered to. Usually it is 3 reps of squats, 3+ reps of presses, every 5 minutes, with either pullaparts, or if I’ve done all those – setting up the stupid damn mats to deadlift off of.  Either the squat reps or the press reps HAVE to be done by 1:30 so I can start deadlifting.

Sometimes I get tired and strike up a short conversation with one of the 3 people I can even stand, IOT procrastinate a couple extra minutes.  Same thing with walking over to fill my water bottle.  Still, I’m pretty good at getting it done in 2 hours, and am practically hyperventilating by the time I do my last set of squats.

I’m not telling you this to impress you with what a hard worker I am.  (When the phrase “try-hard” comes to mind during a workout, which it often does, I push it far far away).

I’m just telling you that:

1. weight training can be good aerobic-ish exercise even for the non-obese, and it doesn’t have to involve crossfittery. Just do 77% of your max for 3 reps every 5 minutes for almost an hour.

2. i’m the guy dripping with sweat, panting, monopolizing 2 pieces of equipment for 2 hours, grunting, never taking headphones off or making eye contact with anyone for fear they will talk to me and delay my workout with platitudes, dumb questions, or idle chatter.  See “try-hard,” above.

It is definitely whey protein.  Been back on it for a week, an old brand that I used to use (Walmart Body Fortress whatever) and the gastric disturbances have returned.  Off to the supplement store tomorrow to purchase another tub of rendered cow hides.

Weight: 188.8 (-1.8)

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bbx5, 135bbx4, 225bbx3, 315bbx2, 370bb, 410bb, 440, 450; 360×3,3,4,3,3,3,4,4,3

Behind the Neck Press: 45×8, 95×4, 120×3, 139×2, 149×2, 154, 159, 164, 169, 174; 130x6x3

Sumo+strong band: 6 sets, all PRs, up to 170 off 2.5″ deficit

Time: 2:00


9 thoughts on “Cardio

  1. I agree with cardio. I’ve posted this before on my own blog, but after running Sheiko, then doing my own high rep programming with a bunch of sets of 3 and 5 between 70-80% of my max, my cardio capacity got way way better, as measured by how many laps I could swim. I take pretty short rests between sets now, generally about 3 minutes or less. Yeah, actually working out instead of “powerlifting” is pretty great.

  2. Ugh, the building my Club is in has no A/C, and it’s a metal building, so when it’s 90 degrees out, it’s at least that inside. And, since the workouts lately have been so long, I’ve been timing three minute breaks in between each set. Lemme tell you, four rep Cleans and a Jerk at 80% with three minute breaks are horrible. Definitely blurring the line between Olympic lifting and Crossfit. At least I hardly have to warmup at all, though…
    Four or five minutes in between each set isn’t that bad, though.

  3. I understand you with regards to the part where you are dripping with sweat. also, I look like a bald tomato with popping veins and sport white socks. you cannot possibly look worse than that, if that gives you any comfort.

  4. I agree with this. my gym has a huge pool in it, so it is hot and humid all the time. I also work out in hoodie and pants. Set of squats every few mins seems to be good enough cardio, although sometimes I sprint or push a prowler.

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