Cougars everywhere

Lately, I’ve mentioned that a lot of the hot mommies who come to the gym in the morning have been mimicking the top cougar’s crazy routine.  Well today, all of them (5, but not the top cougar) were together, getting some sort of group instruction from a trainer whose bio I’ve read but have never seen in action before.  She’s all right in the face, and good in the body, probably 30 or so, but dresses modestly (like a short sleeve shirt and wind pants – violating the gym dress code for female trainers that requires tits and/or ass to be hanging out).  Also she has a degree in exercise science.  She was having them do the same bullshit as all the other trainers: pushups on the inverted bosu ball, 45-degree pullups on the TRX, lunges onto imaginary cocks whatever.  It’s fine, I’m sure that’s what they wanted and expected.

I’m not sure which came first: did these broads start mimicking top cougar and then decide, hey we need to get better at this nonsense, let’s pool our money and hire this trainer?  Or did they have a session before this that I missed, and for the last week or two have been practicing what they’ve learned?  Probably the latter but idk, who cares, too busy trying to see camel toe when they do that thing where they lie on their backs and pass a stability ball from overhead to in between their knees and then back.

All of these MILFs wear a lot of spandex, and have pretty faces, and blond hair, but they’re the kind of chicks who complain about the last 10 pounds they can’t lose and ask what they can do to tone up their arms and like to chat on the cardio and drive big SUVs and I would like to dive on a big pile of them naked and do some group exercise, but instead did this:

Weight: 190.6

Manta Ray Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3, 275×2, 315, 355; 330x4x3, 330x6x2, 330x2x3

Bench: 45×10, 120×6, 170×4, 225×3, 275×2, 325; 305x4x3, 305x9x2

Sumo+Average Band: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 260 off 3″ deficit

Time: 2:10, excuse: had a boner the whole time


One thought on “Cougars everywhere

  1. “that thing where they lie on their backs and pass a stability ball from overhead to in between their knees and then back.”

    Some old guy at my gym always does this. One day he was in the ab section going to town on it literally about 2 feet from this kid’s head. I watched for a few minutes in the hope that he’d miss and throw it right in the kid’s face. But alas, he did not.

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