This will probably win me some kind of bad parenting award, but when my son Rex was 2-3, I think someone told me that you weren’t supposed to “shame” your kids.  This probably meant not to make fun of them when they wet their pants or make them wear a sign on a street corner and get an article about themselves on Yahoo News. 

But, idk, when he would misbehave, I would sometimes point an accusing finger at him mid-tantrum, or at the mess he’d made, and say “SHAAAAAME” in a deep, demonic-sounding voice.  This would upset him greatly, and he would rush over and grab my finger and yell “No, no, NOOOOOOOooo…!” like an actor falling off a cliff.  (Admittedly he was very susceptible to suggestion at that age – I used to be able to point at him from across the room and say “Spank! Spank!”, and he’d hold his bottom and start to cry.)

Over the years, though I’m sure this has done lasting damage to his psyche, the “SHAAAAAME” thing has become more of a house meme/joke.  Like I’ll find his Legos all over the floor and he’s sitting in the middle of them in his underpants, reading a book.  SHAAAAAMME.  And it will make him mildly annoyed, but won’t have much effect in terms of making him get dressed and put away his legos.

I say it to my daughter sometimes, but she’s only 18 months old and just thinks it’s funny.  In fact, after dada, mama, brother, and cat, “shame” is her fifth word.

Good Catholic family.

Speaking of shame, I was working out in my Army PT shirt today.  I was almost done with my squat volume and some guy in a Marine PT shirt started setting up a bar in the half-rack.

Me: Hey I just got one more set left in the cage, if you want to squat there instead.

Marine: Thanks, man, but I’m just going to be doing some, uh, barbell curls.

Listen, men, I’m pretty far removed from inter-service rivalry and dick-measuring, but this delighted me to no end.  I imagined some equivalent conversations:

Me: Hey, you want to go out to a sick party?

Marine: Thanks, man, but I’m just going stay home and play some Warcraft.


Me: Hey, you want to go try and pick up some chicks?

Marine: Thanks, man, but I’m just going to pay for a tranny hooker.

BTW dunno if he is active duty, reserve or out; he is in okay shape and has a somewhat butterfaced gf and they do crossfit stuff and ab workouts together.

Weight: forgot to weigh myself this morning but ate a large pizza myself last night so probably a little on the heavy side.

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bbx5, 135bbx4, 225bbx3, 315bbx2, 365bbx2, 405bb, 440, 460; 355x10x3

Something weird with my left knee again I kept feeling like I was leaning to one side.

BTN Press: 45×8, 95×4, 120×3, 139×2, 149, 154, 159, 164; 130x5x3

Sumo + lite band: 4 sets up to 300 off 3.5″ deficit

Time: 2 hours


18 thoughts on “Shame!

  1. “Listen, men, I’m pretty far removed from inter-service rivalry and dick-measuring, but this delighted me to no end.”

    Not to shit on your parade… but in the situation you described the Marine is picking up the chicks (curling), and you’re opting for the tranny hooker (squatting). An overpriced tranny hooker.

    • 1st, thanks for showing me and also thanks for hsil for posting that, but yeah like wo said, i don’t think anyone listened – they were too busy shouting gibberish at each other. No increase in blog traffic. I didn’t realize SS was as bad as misc. I do like rip and his preachings, tho. Not that he cares, but yeah, good stuff. To consider myself a success, I will need to overcome the Fatman Theorem, which states “Yeah that is pretty good but you probably could have done the same thing without working out hard 2 hrs a day, 6x a week.” When I surpass that benchmark, I will happily proclaim my successitude myself on SS and all the other forums and make everyone pay me to be my friend.

      • Sweet Jeebus. I’ll never invoke the Fatman Theorem again if you promise to never post a link to that train wreck of a forum again.

        The absolute quantity of retard per page (RPP) on SS far surpasses’s Misc section, when you consider that the milk fatsos are for cereal and most Miscers are trolls.

        • no way man, it’s a strong theorem. and it’s fine: behind every success was a fatman on the internet shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

          but yea valid analysis. misc can be funny as shit sometimes like that guy who OD’d on gummi vites. whereas this shit made me want to roundhouse kick my laptop.

          though there was one troll on ss (at least I hope he was a troll) that basically kept repeating variations on this theme: “I can’t do squats because my gym won’t let me; I can’t join another gym because I’m not rich like you white people” that went on for like 12 pages.

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