Jag skickade honom verkligen en låda med avföring.

So the Swede wanted a mini-band but those fuckers at EFS were gonna charge him like 400 Krügenspiel (This is the Swedish currency – it is a type of cheese) for the shipping. 

I decided to send him one, because:

1. He’s my first blog reader, so it’s kind of like a business expense.  When my former college professors ask if I’ve published anything yet, I always tell them that I have a blog that gets thousands of views a day.  (I don’t tell them that 90% of my traffic are either Celica hitting refresh or Dangerous Dave doing an DoS attack on the server).  And when my professors ask how much the blog makes, I can now tell them that it makes Reverse Swedish Money.

2. I had an old band that I used for shoulder prehab exercises.  This is what he wanted it for.  So I’d just send him my old piece of shit band and since I don’t do dynamic band work any more, I could pull one of those two, newer ones.

3. Good Karma; would help counteract my many recent misdeeds, including: hating on Andy’s squat; making suggestive comments to a woman who may have been Dirty Dave; not reading any blog post that mentions the word “Gundam”, and taking someone’s chalk that they left at the gym for like 3 days.

4. Research on US Postal Service website showed that it would only cost a few bucks if I could cram it into an envelope and send it very slowly.  I wondered about how international mail works.  Like the Swedes just let a bunch of nonsense into their country from all the other countries? And all the other countries do the same thing?  So is it just kind of like the standard deal?  The Great Mail Conference of 1919?  Or just the default, like “everybody takes everyone’s mail (except North Korea)”  It kind of has to be, because let’s say there’s 200 countries; there would need to be 200! separate postal contracts.  So how do they split the postage money?  50/50 doesn’t seem fair as the US ships it all the way to Sweden, and the Swedish Postal Service (Jag Mögen Postallgrunda) only has to get it to the guy’s house.  Anyway, I spent longer typing this than I did actually thinking about it, since I’m not six and don’t really care about things like how my TV works or why the sky is blue.

Turned out #2 fell through, as my band that I’ve been pulling on for the last few months started to fray pretty bad only a couple of days ago. I didn’t want to lose my most faithful non-spam follower or cause an international incident, so I sent him one of the newer ones.

The post office in my town has like one employee, she’s like 50, but kinda hot.  Also she knows everyone in the town and is all politely up in everyone’s business.  She singlehandedly has probably prevented drugs and contraband from ever being mailed from her facility.

Oh, Mr. Christmas, how is your wife?  And the kids?  The little one, is she talking yet?  Yes, they grow up so fast…she’s such a cutey!  Sweden, huh?!  Here let me take it out of the package; you didn’t pack it right, this is going to cost you more than it should.  What is this?  A rubber band?  Did you sell this to someone? [she knows I sell a lot of books on eBay]  Probably costs more to ship than it’s worth, right?  Haw! What’s it for?  Weightlifting?  That’s so interesting!  and etcetera

Weight: 190.4 (-0.2)

Manta Ray Squat: 45×6, 135×4, 225×3, 275×2, 315×2, 345, 370, 390, 400, 410; 325x10x3

Tied for my best Manta Ray Squat ever.

Medium Grip Bench: 45×10, 115×6, 165×4, 215×3, 265×3, 315, 335, 355, 365, 375; 285x6x5

Should have jumped up a little faster, then gone up in 5 lb increments after 360-365.  Probably could have at least hit 370.

Sumo+monster band: 4 sets, all PRs, up to 315 off 3.5″ deficit.

Time: 2:10


11 thoughts on “Jag skickade honom verkligen en låda med avföring.

  1. Tune in next time when Celicaxx quits lifting and skating and eats 2000 calories of Mountain Dew and a multivitamin everyday and only does model kits.

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    • wait you say you’re male, but then right after that you say you’re 13F. Get your story straight.
      and i’m glad you’re not that pureasspiration chick. though that would have been an epic troll, if a bit over-elaborate.

      • 11b talk shit till they need you to drop boom on the taliban. I’m medically retired anyways so really I cant claim that. To think I could be some local broad toying with you in such a twisted way?

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