Is that all sweat?

I’m a sweaty guy, the gym is hot and humid.  I’m wearing a gray Army PT T-shirt (thick and untearable but doesn’t breathe well).  I’m trying to squat something for 30 reps and finish before my wife divorces me for abandonment.  The entire shirt had turned dark gray, except for the very bottom inch (or 0.05 kilometer for Wo and the Swede – I know they prefer metric).  So that’s what Mega Mike asked me the other day.  Yes, it is all sweat.

Custodian helpfully mopped the inside of the power rack between sets of squats.  There was some chalk dust.  He mops once a week so I’m glad he got in there and got the floor nice and wet and slippery for me.

Andy report: He did 5×5 squats today but “went light” because he is going heavy on Friday.  He was deadlifting, I think 315 off of a 2″ deficit but he might have had more weight on because he was stripping it down when I got there.  He did 140x5x5 for military press.  He asked me about my (squatting) bands, much like Jackman and others do.

Andy: Why do you have the bands around your legs?

Me: Um, I kinda am copying [Wolverine].  And, like, when you take them off it makes squatting a lot easier.  You know, uh, when they are on?  It’s um, harder then.

Andy: So, to train you to keep your knees out?

Me: Yeah.

I don’t know why I gave reasons #2 and #3 and could not articulate reason #1.  Coming soon on his facebook page: A video of him driving, entitled “Don’t Mindlessly Copy Things you see People Doing with Bands.”

Secret Message to Swede: Jag förmodligen kommer att gå till posten i morgon.

Oh, by the way the mystery of who was hiding away the deadlift mats HAS BEEN SOLVED.  It’s really not exciting enough to make you wait for tomorrow but I have a lot of work to do tonight so no time to type it out properly.

Time: 1:50

Low Bar Squat: 45×6, 45bbx5, 135bbx4, 225bbx3, 315bbx2, 365bb, 405b, 430, 450, 460; 345x10x3

I’m sure 460 was high, but I know that 430 was too low bc I hit the supports.  As a sidenote, 10 sets to reach max is the sweet spot. 9 or 11 are also good.

BTN Press: 45×6, 95×4, 115×3, 125×2, 135×2, 145, 155, 160; 130x3x3

volume was easy, just ran out of time

Sumo+ Average: 5 sets, all PRs, up to 255 off 3″ deficit

Weight: 190.4 (-4.2)


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